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One of the easiest ways to start living forever is eating healthy. Most of the top killers have a lifestyle factor which means you can reduce the probability of early death by eating right. With current technology a healthy diet won't put off death indefinitely, but remember, you're just trying to delay it until medical technology catches up - it will then remove the risk entirely from the big killers, radically slow down the ageing process and then eventually reverse it.

Eating well can add a little bit more to your weekly shop but not only will it increase your chances of living forever you'll also feel more alert and energetic in the meantime.

There's always going to be some pain (shall we call it investment instead?) to live forever - but its only short term. Even if that short-term is 50 years that's nothing compared to the extra centuries or millennia you could achieve - those decades of salads and low fat meals will quickly be forgotten about. And if we still need food in a thousand years time I'm sure you'll be able to eat whatever you want (donuts 24/7 if thats what you crave) and our built-in nanobots will sort out all the ill effects for you.

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Edi - Endorphin Dealer Institute

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Endorphin spirits trigger feelings of pleasure, without the downsides of alcohol

The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People


The Blue Zones Solution is the ultimate blueprint for a healthy, happy life written by Dan Buettner

How Not To Die


Book written by Michael Greger and Gene Stone discovers the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease

Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat


America’s leading nutritionist, Marion Nestle, exposes how the food industry corrupts scientific research for profit

Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever


Revolutionary bulletproof plan and approach to anti-aging written by Dave Asprey

Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food is Wrong


A book about food and nutrition written by Tim Spector

The Diet Myth


The Real Science Behind What We Eat by Professor Tim Spector

Fasting & Aging: Why Women are Different


Oxford Longevity Project webinar about fasting and difference between men and women with Dr. Stephanie Estima and Abhinav Diwan

Johanna Hignett

Consultant Nutritionist

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The Difference Between Dietary Cholesterol and Blood Cholesterol

The Difference Between Dietary Cholesterol and Blood Cholesterol

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Reducing Fat Percentage - diet v exercise

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Water - No Need To Overdo It

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A coffee a day keeps the grim reaper away

Relief for the many people who think their coffee habit is a guilty pleasure

Chocolate - an innocent pleasure

Chocolate - an innocent pleasure

Dark chocolate that retains flavonoids during manufacture could be good for your heart and mental health

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12 months of IF results in a range of biomarker improvements, but no significant reduction in inflammatory markers


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The Guardian - 18-Jan-2023

Experts debate on risk versus enjoyment, however, people must be aware of the risks associated with long-term alcohol use


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Stanford School of Medicine - 04-Jan-2023

Soon there will be a test to check what the best diet is for your individual microbiome


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Less fluid intake-high sodium in blood samples–more prone to diseases and advanced biological ageing


Antioxidant beta-carotene synthetic supplements -higher risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality

Eat this, Not that - 21-Dec-2022

Taking too high of a supplement dose of any nutrient could potentially lead to adverse effects

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