One of the easiest ways to start living forever is eating healthy. Most of the top killers have a lifestyle factor which means you can reduce the probability of early death by eating right. With current technology a healthy diet won't put off death indefinitely, but remember, you're just trying to delay it until medical technology catches up - it will then remove the risk entirely from the big killers, radically slow down the ageing process and then eventually reverse it.

Eating well can add a little bit more to your weekly shop but not only will it increase your chances of living forever you'll also feel more alert and energetic in the meantime.

There's always going to be some pain (shall we call it investment instead?) to live forever - but its only short term. Even if that short-term is 50 years that's nothing compared to the extra centuries or millennia you could achieve - those decades of salads and low fat meals will quickly be forgotten about. And if we still need food in a thousand years time I'm sure you'll be able to eat whatever you want (donuts 24/7 if thats what you crave) and our built-in nanobots will sort out all the ill effects for you.

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