So you've looked after your health, augmented your body as much as transhumanly possible and living forever. But who wants to live forever in the body of a centenarian? Rejuvenation technologies will be the natural bonus of life extension technologies, i.e. they will slow aging down so much eventually they will start to reverse it.

This section has information regarding how bodies will be repaired (e.g. replacement organs) and physiological age reduced.

Recent News

Reversing aging by removing wrinkles inside our cells

ScienceDaily - 29-May-2018

Fatty liver disease may result from our cells' nuclei getting wrinkly. Disfiguration of our DNA compartment could cause other unwanted effects of aging. Genes that are turned off are shoved up against the nuclear membrane. Aged nuclear membranes become irregular and prevent turning off. Wrinkling stems from a lack of cellular protein lamin. Could use viruses to deliver lamin back to cells.

XPO1 inhibition increases autophagy and lifespan

News Medical - 16-May-2018

Reducing the expression of XPO1 led to an increased concentration of TFEB. This was associated with an increase in autophagy markers. Lifespan of nematodes was increased by 15 to 45%. Similar effect with selective inhibitors of nuclear export (SINE). Treating human cells with XPO1 inhibition saw an increase in markers of authophagic activity.

Can autophagy boost your health?

BBC - 06-May-2018

Autophagy is the process by which cells degrade and recycle their components. Helps infection control and protects against excessive inflammation. Stimulating the process in mice result in them living longer. Could remove clumped proteins to protect against neurodegenerative diseases.