So you've looked after your health, augmented your body as much as transhumanly possible and living forever. But who wants to live forever in the body of a centenarian? Rejuvenation technologies will be the natural bonus of life extension technologies, i.e. they will slow aging down so much eventually they will start to reverse it.

This section has information regarding how bodies will be repaired (e.g. replacement organs) and physiological age reduced.


Resource Thomas Warner Lenior - MSc. Vitality & Ageing student at Leiden University

Resource Novo Biosciences - Developing small molecules that restore the body’s ability to regenerate

Resource Rejuvenation Research

Recent News

Novo Biosciences CEO talks about drug candidate for tissue regeneration

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 29-Oct-2019

Regrowing damaged organs would help many people live longer, healthier lives


British and Israeli teams join to reverse ageing of blood vessels

British Heart Foundation - 25-Oct-2019

British Heart Foundation working on anti-ageing research? It must be mainstream now!


LEAF interviews AgeX Therapeutics CEO Dr. Michael West

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 30-Sep-2019

May only be a few years away from implementing induced tissue regeneration in humans

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