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So you've looked after your health, augmented your body as much as transhumanly possible and living forever. But who wants to live forever in the body of a centenarian? Rejuvenation technologies will be the natural bonus of life extension technologies, i.e. they will slow aging down so much eventually they will start to reverse it.

This section has information regarding how bodies will be repaired (e.g. replacement organs) and physiological age reduced.


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Altos Labs

Biotechnology company focused on cellular rejuvenation programming

Iduna Therapeutics

cellular reprogramming - more details coming soon

Sima, the 47 months-old Sprague Dawley rat — interview with Dr. Harold Katcher

Talks about Sima - the longest lived Sprague Dawley rat ever - and his E5 plasma-based therapeutic

Longevity Cafe : Cellular Level Rejuvenation - Coffee and Chat


The club's Longevity Cafe Meetup group will be discussing the latest research by Rejuvenate Bio (FREE)

Rejuvenate Bio

Company delivering age-reversing gene therapies for animals

YouthBio Therapeutics

Developing rejuvenation gene therapies based on partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors

Thomas Warner Lenior

MSc. Vitality & Ageing student at Leiden University

Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2022

14-Oct-2022 to 15-Oct-2022

The leading networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity investors and translational researchers by Forever Healthy Foundation

GDF11 Rejuvination

Reversing Aging using GDF11

Younging: Triggering Ancient Mechanisms for Rejuvenation


Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss discuss the body's rejuvenation processes, at this London Futurists online event

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Rejuvenation Blog Posts

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Survival curve shows increase in average lifespan, and now Sima has become the longest-lived Sprague Dawley rat

Recent News

Neocortical grafting platform in brain repair

Live Forever Club - 07-Mar-2023

Multilayered architecture resulted in physiological and behavioural improvements. Could it help regenerate the ageing brain in future?


Partial Cellular Reprogramming in Very Old Mice Doubles Remaining Life Expectancy

Live Forever Club - 03-Feb-2023

Shown to work at a cellular level in humans, too, so a therapeutic could be developed soon


Dissociation of longevity targeted cell reprogram and somatic identity loss: An exploration

Live Forever Club - 17-Jan-2023

Most genes regulating cellular rejuvenation were not related to the increased occurrence of cancer


Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) rejuvenates multiple markers of gene expression (LEAF) - 25-Aug-2022

TPE causes systematic rejuvenation in human body by influencing multiple factors


mRNA delivers mutated proteins - regenerates cardiomyocytes post a heart attack

University of Houston - 16-Jun-2022

Stemin and YAP5SA notably restores normal cardiac pumping in mice

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