Transhumanism (H+) is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology - wikipedia


Institute Betterhumans - Non-profit scientific research organization that studies the biology of aging and age-related diseases.

Book RAFT 2035: Roadmap to Abundance, Flourishing, and Transcendence, by 2035 - RAFT is about highlighting futures that are highly desirable. - Amazon

Book Transcending Politics: A Technoprogressive Roadmap to a Comprehensively Better Future - Explanations of connection between politics and transhumanism. - Amazon

Institute UK Transhumanist Party (TPUK)

Politician Julian Snape - Co-founder of the Transhumanist Party UK (TPUK)

Book To Be a Machine - The book speaks about the use of technology to enhance human intellectual and physical capability. - Amazon

Book Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence - Amazon

Book The Proactionary Imperative: A Foundation for Transhumanism - Amazon

Book Apex - Amazon

Book Crux - Amazon

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Summary of London Futurists’ Engineering Greater Human Resilience Panel Discussion
27-Apr-2020 Interesting thoughts from an international panel of futurists

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)
02-Sep-2019 A thought-provoking book with the same thorough detail given to the near future as Iain M. Banks does to the far future culture universe.

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Could you lead the Transhumanist Party UK?

UK Transhumanist Party - 06-Apr-2020

Applications are invited from people who can raise the profile of transhumanist politics in the UK


Transhuman aids can help overcome functional limitations

The McGill Tribune - 21-Jan-2020

Improve and restore quality of life if they are used properly


James Lovelock predicts the Anthropocene may quickly be replaced by the Novacene

NBC News - 25-Aug-2019

He doesn't think humans will merge with technology (Kurzweil style)

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