Staying healthy long enough for radical life extension to become a reality is like to involve body augmentation as drugs and healthy living will only get us so far. So human body interventions are likely to be needed such as replacement organs and body parts, or even external augmentation such as exoskeletons to keep us mobile.

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Resource North Sense - Magnetic north detector connected via titanium bar piercings

Resource Cyborg Nest - Developing technology to experience the hidden parts of nature (a Mindware company)

Resource Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch - Founder of Impli (implantable technology) and biotechnologist

Resource Impli - We use implants to help people get better and faster first point of care

Resource Mnemo - A machine that automatically records and retrieves memories

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Recent News

New brain implant for neural recording provides more data, less tissue damage

Stanford School of Medicine - 23-Mar-2020

Thousands of single-neuron activities can be recorded as successfully tested in mice


Scientists can control target nerve cells in living nematodes

New Scientist - 19-Mar-2020

Until now there has been no way to control only a selected group of nerve cells


First time demo of artificial neurons communicating with real ones

SYFY Wire - 28-Feb-2020

Goal is to restore brain function to Parkinson’s, strokes, or epilepsy patients

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