Staying healthy long enough for radical life extension to become a reality is like to involve body augmentation as drugs and healthy living will only get us so far. So human body interventions are likely to be needed such as replacement organs and body parts, or even external augmentation such as exoskeletons to keep us mobile.

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Company UNYQ - Personalized prosthetics & orthotics company.

Company Omneuron - Life Sciences Company Focused On Neuroscience-Based Technologies.

Company Paradromics - Brain Computer Interfaces

Product Mnemo - A machine that automatically records and retrieves memories

Company Nuada - A unique support system that seamlessly improves hand function.

Book ALL SYSTEMS RED (The Murderbot Diaries) - 1st book in Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells - Amazon

Advocate Hannes Sjoblad (aka Sapiens) - Thought leader and speaker biohacking on human augmentation

Company BrainExcell - Company that provides a range of nootropics and supplements for better sleep.

Product Power Knee - Bionic knee for above-knee amputees.

Product HAL - Hybrid Assistive Limb - Lower-body exoskeleton made by Japanese company.

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