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Staying healthy long enough for radical life extension to become a reality is like to involve body augmentation as drugs and healthy living will only get us so far. So human body interventions are likely to be needed such as replacement organs and body parts, or even external augmentation such as exoskeletons to keep us mobile.

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Robotics and technology company producing exoskeleton suits



Postcyberpunk thriller novel written by Ramez Naam

Mojo Vision

Manufacturer of Mojo Lens - a smart contact lens with a built-in display

Biohacker’s Handbook


Biohacker’s Handbook weaves together novel perspectives on technology, nature and self-development written by Teemu Arina and Olli Sovijärvi

Open Bionics

UK-based company that develops low-cost bionic hands

Ekso Bionics

Company that develops wearable exoskeletons for military, civilian and medical uses

Health Optimisation Summit 2023

17-Jun-2023 to 18-Jun-2023

Event about health optimisation organized by London Health Optimisation Biohacker Social Circle



Unlock your hidden energy and tap into the secrets of peak performance, written by Nick Powell

On Transhumanism


Book about transhumanism written by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

Longevity Hackers

Feature length documentary about longevity and radical life extension with due to be released in 2023

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Exhibitor highlights from Health Optimisation Summit 2022

Exhibitor highlights from Health Optimisation Summit 2022

I spoke with providers of supplements, CBD, trackers, drinks, and health apps

Speaker highlights from Health Optimisation Summit 2022

Speaker highlights from Health Optimisation Summit 2022

Talks covered genetics, stem cells, photobiomodulation, psychedelics and the circadian rhythm

Impli Implantables Presents at London Futurists

Impli Implantables Presents at London Futurists

Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch talked about the history and future in implant technology

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)

A thought-provoking book with the same thorough detail given to the near future as Iain M. Banks does to the far future culture universe.

Action Man bionic eyes coming to an opticians near you soon

Action Man bionic eyes coming to an opticians near you soon

EPFL demonstrate the latest prototype a contact lens with built in optical zoom

Recent News

CMU array to treat neurological disorders potentially

Nano Magazine - 06-Oct-2022

Microelectrode array (MEA) is 3D-printed at the nanoscale, for individual neurological treatment


Detection and production of dopamine as a response mechanism by artificial neuron

Tech Xplore - 09-Aug-2022

Brain-machine interface that can communicate through chemically mediated signals


CARMAT raised €40.5 million - set to resume the artificial heart production

Longevity Technology - 21-Apr-2022

Aeson could prolong lives of patients awaiting a human heart transplant


Mojo Vision announces new industry-leading prototype for eye-controlled AR-enabled contact lens

Mojo Vision - 30-Mar-2022

Throwing away the augmented-reality headsets would really open up a new world of opportunities


Brain implant allows fully paralysed patient to spell words and phrases

The Guardian - 22-Mar-2022

Communication is slow at one letter per minute but further developments may improve the pace

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