Staying healthy long enough for radical life extension to become a reality is like to involve body augmentation as drugs and healthy living will only get us so far. So human body interventions are likely to be needed such as replacement organs and body parts, or even external augmentation such as exoskeletons to keep us mobile.


Hack the Senses explores state-of-the-art thinking about perception and sensory science; and run talks, workshops, hackathons & exhibitions.

Recent News

Us + Invisible Interface = Superman?

Singularity Hub - 26-Aug-2018

Physical tools (e.g. hammers, paintbrushes) are natural extensions of our bodies.

Cybord matches video to EEG activity

Quartz - 19-Aug-2018

MIT Media Lab experiment records video and physiological data.

Cyborgs: Living Cells In A Robotic Finger

Futurism - 31-May-2018

Biohybrid robot joins living tissue with mechanical skeleton.