Calorie Restriction

The only proven way of currently extending life expectancy in a variety of mammals is undernourishment (not malnourishment) but requires further study to see whether it has undesirable side effects.

Long lived species have less response to famine so, according to Aubrey de Grey, not likely to have a big impact in humans.


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Recent News

Exercising and having calorie restrictions could affect bones

News Medical - 11-Sep-2019

Mice who exercised and ate less also had a decrease in bone quantity due to the cut in calories


Alternate-day fasting can help reduce belly fat and lose weight

Medical Xpress - 27-Aug-2019

ADF does not weaken our immune system like other fasting regimens do


Caloric restriction in humans have health benefits

Irish Times - 19-Aug-2019

This method is already being used to extend the lifespan in lab animals

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