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Calorie Restriction

The only proven way of currently extending life expectancy in a variety of mammals is undernourishment (not malnourishment) but requires further study to see whether it has undesirable side effects.

Long lived species have less response to famine so, according to Aubrey de Grey, not likely to have a big impact in humans.


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Recent News

Double-strand break DNA repair improved in calorie restriction mice

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 10-Sep-2020

Helps us to understand the mechanism behind CR - and that it has an effect within weeks


Benefits of caloric restriction in intestinal stem cells - 05-Aug-2020

One should still consume adequate nutrition while reducing calorie intake


Looking young means you are probably ageing slower

CR VITALITY - 30-Jun-2020

Good genes combined with healthy lifestyle choices can truly make you look younger

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