Want To Live Forever? Join The Club!

Join the growing number of people who are committed to living forever. Now that healthcare has merged with IT the exponential growth in medical technology means immortality may be closer than you think. From drug research and diagnostics to exoskeletons and nanobots - rapid advances are increasing our life expectancy every day. Radical life extension is a growing industry – and more and more people are putting (a lot!) of money where their mouths are:

  • 5 billionaires who want to live forever – Fortune Magazine
  • Understanding Calico: Larry Page, Google Ventures, and the quest for immortality – The Verge
  • Oracle founder Larry Ellison has proclaimed his wish to live forever and donated more than $430 million to anti-aging research. – Washington Post


Coming soon! Full club membership will be available in the near future and will include:

  • Members only section on site with practical tips and advice on living forever – plus forums to discuss everything to do with radical life extension.
  • Exclusive access to product reviews, resources and news archives on the club website
  • Special offers and discounts - we’re currently trying to find the best discount deals we can for people looking to live forever, from health tests and mobile health gadgets to home air monitors and dietary supplements.

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