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Join a growing community seeking to live longer, healthier lives. Founded in 2014, the club has reviewed, summarised and categorised thousands of relevant news articles and related resources to make it easier for you to discover up-to-the-minute facts on a wide range of life extension topics.

FREE membership gives you access to the club's archive as well as discounts on some great health and lifestyle products. In addition, Longevist membership gives you online access to the Live Forever Manual, exclusive products and discounts in the club's shop AND an ad-free website. Join now!

The Live Forever Club provides scientifically-backed, unbiased, information on the latest anti-ageing breakthroughs, as well as health and lifestyle tips and its own product reviews, articles and investigations. The club also keeps its visitors up to date on wider aspects of longevity including transhumanism and existential threats to society.

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Benefit from discounts, exclusive products & services, full access to the club’s archive of news summaries and resources – plus a bonus of online access to the Live Forever Manual.

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Supporting the club also helps us in our work of raising awareness of the coming life extension revolution, and making sure the fruits of decades of ageing research is available to all – what we term equality in longevity. The more people that are clamouring for longer, healthier lives, the more government money and private investment will be channelled towards developing true rejuvenation therapies, so helping the club is also helping yourself.

Be the first to hear about new therapies and supplements that can help you reach your goal of living indefinitely, youthfully. Use the discounts negotiated by the club to afford your choice of tests, supplements and devices to follow your path to biological immortality.

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The first 100 paid ("Longevist") members will be eternally recognised as visionaries who foresaw (and advanced) the arrival of radical life extension technologies. Becoming a founder member will help to launch the club and enable its continuing work to collate longevity news and resources, as well as its outreach to the wider health-conscious community.

Founder member benefits:

  • Discounted joining fee (up to 50% off - see sign-up page for details)
  • Name appears on founding members wall with optional link to their website
  • Recognition on profile page and member’s directory
  • Plus, all of the same great benefits as a Longevist member

Member Benefits

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No 3rd party adverts-
Banner ads and in-content ads hidden on website
Trial products
-Rent-to-try digital health products
Live Forever Club shop discounts-Up to 30% off products purchased online
Online Live Forever Manual access-View the latest edition on the website
-Priority response if you have any problems using the website
Brands and retailers’ offersExclusive discount codes and promotional offers from leading vendors
Exclusive designs and merchandiseSome of our favourite T-shirts are only available to members
Archive accessEasy access to nearly 3,000 news summaries and over 5,000 resources
Advanced searchUse combinations of words and phrases to find information
Members Directory*Display a profile page telling the community more about you (optional)
Annual feeFree£ 25Equality membership available for £15 to anyone unable to pay to full fee

*Full members can also link to their own personal or company website.
NOTE: all benefits subject to change – though we’ll always be working hard to offer you a comprehensive range of perks and discounts.

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Coming soon – we’re hoping to launch the following benefits as soon as possible:

  • ATLAS database access – search by journalist or publication, export results
  • Downloadable content - PDF checklists and guides
  • Event discounts - discounts to leading longevity and health events, including talks by the club’s founder