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Known as “the powerhouse of the cell”, mitochondria generate most of the cell’s supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. They are membrane-bound organelle found in most eukaryotic cells.


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MDNA Life Sciences

Company that is pioneer in the science of mitochondrial DNA

Pretzel Therapeutics

Biotechnology research company focussed on mitochondrial therapeutics


Cellvie develops cell-derived medicines, leveraging the therapeutic potential of mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell

Mitrix Bio

California based start-up company

Stealth BioTherapeutics

Biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and commercialization of novel therapies..


Company focused on the research and development of mitochondria based therapeutics.

MitoRx Therapeutics

Pre-clinical stage rare disease biotech company aiming to develop treatments for degenerative diseases

Jay Parrish

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Pretzel Therapeutics

Michael Sack

Senior Investigator at NHLBI Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biology and Metabolism

Mitochondria, Aging, and Health


Speakers are Douglas Wallace, Francesca Fieni, Hazel Szeto and Michael Zemel

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Antioxidants in ageing and health

Antioxidants in ageing and health

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have a positive role in some processes, complicating research, but unlikely that antioxidants slow ageing

Mitochondria, Autophagy and Neurodegenerative diseases: A perspective

Mitochondria, Autophagy and Neurodegenerative diseases: A perspective

Review paper from University of Helsinki looks at the role of mitophagy in ageing

Recent News

New blood test may help in early detection of Parkinson’s disease

Independent - 30-Aug-2023

The test could identify drugs that reverse or slow down DNA damage and disease


Mitochondria-targeted compound prevents and treats metabolic syndrome in mice

Buck Institute - 07-Jul-2023

Selectively inhibits problematic free radicals - potential breakthrough in treatment of chronic diseases & ageing


Summary of Chris Rinsch presentation at Longevity Med Summit

Live Forever Club - 16-May-2023

Explained the production and mechanisms of Urolithin A, and trial results of Timeline's Mitopure


cellvie closes $5.5 million of financing to develop its allogeneic mitochondria therapies

KIZOO Technology Ventures - 06-Feb-2023

Mitochondria dysfunction is linked to several ageing-related diseases, including neurodegeneration, so a big potential market


Mutated mtDNA acts as a molecular target for therapeutic treatments of age related diseases

University of Cologne - 16-Dec-2022

Targeting and eliminating mutated mtDNA by subjecting it to autophagy with rapamycin been successful

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