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Advances in prosthetics are rapid.

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See also: artificial organs and regenerative medicine.

Is it prostheses or prosthetics? A prosthesis is an artificial body part (plural = prostheses) whereas the adjective is used to describe a particular type, for example a prosthetic hand. Prosthetics is the medical speciality studying and applying prostheses.

Full Body Prosthetics

A full set of smart prosthetic limbs, combined with replacement synthetic organs, could provide an entire replacement body that could host someone's brain. - David Wood Humai’s Head of Engineering On the Future That is to Come (interview) - IEET


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Open Bionics

UK-based company that develops low-cost bionic hands


Company developing and producing exoskeletons and prosthesis


Advanced and innovative technologies within the fields of prosthetics, braces, supports and compression therapy

Argus II

Retinal prosthesis system.


Personalized prosthetics & orthotics company.

Power Knee

Bionic knee for above-knee amputees.

Hero Arm

3D printed powered bionic hand controlled by muscles.

The Third Thumb

3D printed thumb extension.

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Recent News

Patient in the UK receives world's first 3D-printed prosthetic eye

Interesting Engineering - 25-Nov-2021

Fits perfectly in the eye socket and looks realistic than alternatives


Sense of touch improved performance of a robotic arm

Medgadget - 21-May-2021

Brain implants enabled sensory and motor feedback to robotic arm, resembling human abilities


Trained robotic prosthetics benefit more than just walking

IEEE Spectrum - 23-Apr-2021

Brain-controlled robot ankle achieved better stability & coordination with physical therapy


Bionic touch fails to shift location of subjective sensation to sensor position

DT Next - 28-Dec-2020

Neural electrodes didn't offer precise sensation; posing challenges for prosthetics


The first man to control his prosthetic arms with mind

Interesting Engineering - 14-Dec-2020

AI allowed a man with quadriplegia control both his robotic arms at the same time

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