Advances in prosthetics are rapid.

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See also: artificial organs and regenerative medicine.

Is it prostheses or prosthetics? A prosthesis is an artificial body part (plural = prostheses) whereas the adjective is used to describe a particular type, for example a prosthetic hand. Prosthetics is the medical speciality studying and applying prostheses.

Full Body Prosthetics

A full set of smart prosthetic limbs, combined with replacement synthetic organs, could provide an entire replacement body that could host someone's brain. - David Wood Humai’s Head of Engineering On the Future That is to Come (interview) - IEET


Resource Power Knee - Bionic knee for above-knee amputees.

Resource Hero Arm - 3D printed powered bionic hand controlled by muscles.

Resource The Third Thumb - 3D printed thumb extension.

Resource Ossur

Resource Open Bionics

Resource Humai's Head of Engineering On the Future That is to Come

Recent News

Prosthetics with sensors are superior to conventional prosthetics

New Scientist - 02-Oct-2019

More likely to climb stairs faster and walk over obstacles safely


Robotic hand can help amputees feel again

Guardian - 24-Jul-2019

Fully functional prosthetics are closer to becoming a reality


Third arm controlled with thoughts

ZDNet - 26-Jul-2018

A robotic arm controlled by brain signals translated with an special wearable device

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