Advances in prosthetics are rapid.

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See also: artificial organs and regenerative medicine.

Is it prostheses or prosthetics? A prosthesis is an artificial body part (plural = prostheses) whereas the adjective is used to describe a particular type, for example a prosthetic hand. Prosthetics is the medical speciality studying and applying prostheses.

Full Body Prosthetics

A full set of smart prosthetic limbs, combined with replacement synthetic organs, could provide an entire replacement body that could host someone's brain. - David Wood Humai‚Äôs Head of Engineering On the Future That is to Come (interview) - IEET


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Recent News

Prosthetics with sensors are superior to conventional prosthetics

New Scientist - 02-Oct-2019

More likely to climb stairs faster and walk over obstacles safely


Robotic hand can help amputees feel again

Guardian - 24-Jul-2019

Fully functional prosthetics are closer to becoming a reality


Third arm controlled with thoughts

ZDNet - 26-Jul-2018

A robotic arm controlled by brain signals translated with an special wearable device

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