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Accident and Emergency

You're much more likely to die from illness or old age (at the moment!) but it's still worth minimising your chances of dying from the unexpected.

About 50 people die every day in the UK of "external causes" - which gives you a one in a million chance of not making it to tomorrow. Coincidentally (or maybe because of it's applicable size) this is also the definition of a micromort.

The most common causes of accidental death are:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Falls - especially for the elderly and children
  • Drowning - many deaths are in people who did not intend to be in the water (e.g. walkers)
  • Poisoning - including householdchemicals, medications and carbon monoxide exposure
  • Fires and Burns - make sure smoke alarms are Installed and tested regularly
  • Choking and suffocation - especially children due to swallowing small objects or foods
  • Electrical accidents - don't overload sockets and keep electrical appliances away from water

Implementing safety measures, raising awareness about risks, and adopting preventive practices can significantly reduce the incidence of these accidents. 

Read more about: Medical Alert IDs.

Accident and Emergency News

Drones deliver life-saving defibrillators faster than ambulances

New Scientist - 22-Nov-2023

Drone technology could revolutionize emergency response & improve survival for cardiac arrest patients


Humacyte's bioengineered tissue outperforms synthetic grafts

FierceBiotech - 12-Sep-2023

Human acellular vessel showed better results in vascular trauma repair


Survival and recovery post cardiac arrest is independent of lowering of body temperatures

BBC - 16-Jun-2021

A&E bases clinical trial on body temperature in critical patients conducted


Synthetic red blood cells function similarly to natural ones

ACS Publications - 03-Jun-2020

Did not seem to cause any toxicity in mouse model


Drones to deliver defibrillators for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Sweden

MobiHealthNews - 19-May-2020

Immediate defibrillation is the key to surviving a sudden cardiac arrest

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Accident and Emergency Resources

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UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines (2006)

Guidelines about UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice by The Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee

Medical id cards and jewellery

Epilepsy ID cards and medical jewellery


Charity that offers free app, education material and help in learning how to deal with multiple casualties, particularly from deliberate attacks


UK charity offering the full medical ID service to keep people safe in the an emergency.

Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch

Founder of Impli (implantable technology) and biotechnologist


We use implants to help people get better and faster first point of care

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Accident and Emergency Blog Posts

Living forever one step at a time - preferably in safety shoes

Living forever one step at a time - preferably in safety shoes

You don't want your freshly rejuvenated legs creating a mishap of their own