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Aspirin-a-day risky in old age - major study

BBC - 16-Sep-2018

Elderly people in good health should not take an aspirin a day. Large trial found no benefit for healthy people over the age of 70. But the pills increased the risk of potentially fatal internal bleeding. There are proven benefits for people after a heart attack or stroke. Most research on aspirin is performed on people in middle age. Study of nearly 20,000 over 70s with no history of heart problems.

Probiotics inhibit microbiome recovery after antibiotics

Guardian - 06-Sep-2018

Probiotics may not be as universally beneficial for gut health as thought. Can hinder gut microbiome from returning to normal after a course of antibiotics Gut microbiome is the sum total of all the micro-organisms living in a person’s gut. It has been shown to play a huge role in human health. Study also found that stool bacteria only partially correlates with the microbiome.

Fish oil supplements for a healthy heart 'nonsense'

BBC - 18-Jul-2018

Cochrane researchers looked at trials in over 100,000 people. Little proof that taking omega-3 prevented heart disease. Does not benefit heart health or reduce risk of stroke or death from any cause. Prof Tim Chico advises spending money on vegetables instead. Eating oily fish still recommended as part of a healthy diet.