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Plant powered protein bars, powder and health supplements

Jinfiniti Precision Medicine

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Provides at-home intracellular NAD test and other aging blood panels


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Nuchido TIME+ is a powerful NAD+ supplement using a proprietary formula

FutureYou Cambridge

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Company that supplies a range of natural health supplements and vitamins


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On a mission is to extend healthy lifespan for as many people as possible

Underground Life Extension Handbook


Only book to provide a comprehensive database of the most effective anti-aging compounds available, written by Ryker Black

Life Extension

Company that sells supplements and vitamins.

Neurohacker Collective

Company producing health supplements.


Daily longevity drink mix.

Timeline Nutrition

Timeline is a novel nutrition brand committed to delivering clinically proven products that reduce the impact of time on health

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NR Supplements Personal Case Study

NR Supplements Personal Case Study

2 month trial of nicotinamide riboside NAD booster Tru Niagen

Jinfiniti NAD Test Review

Jinfiniti NAD Test Review

I try out Jinfiniti's intracellular NAD test and explain more about NAD+

Use it or lose it – over 50s guide to muscle loss

Use it or lose it – over 50s guide to muscle loss

Don’t fall into the vicious circle of frailty

NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

My N-of-1 trial of NMN capsules for a month

Top 5 Products at London Health Show 2016

Top 5 Products at London Health Show 2016

Including camel's milk, colostrum, hyaluronic acid, and supplements for over 50s and to reduce cholesterol

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Antioxidant beta-carotene synthetic supplements -higher risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality

Eat this, Not that - 21-Dec-2022

Taking too high of a supplement dose of any nutrient could potentially lead to adverse effects


David Sinclair responds to FDA's ban on NMN dietary supplements

Live Forever Club - 19-Dec-2022

Mixed in with some generic platitudes, he makes his case that NMN should be an FDA approved drug


Beta NMN is no longer available as a nutritional supplement in the US market, reports FDA

Longevity Technology - 15-Nov-2022

Likely to be discussions before stock is removed from sale - and should still be available in the UK


Growing number of liver-damage cases to turmeric supplements

Business Insider - 28-Oct-2022

Small research group highlights the risk of rather thought safe natural therapy-turmeric supplement


SIRT6, the longevity sirtuin proven to enhance healthy longevity

Longevity Technology - 03-Aug-2022

SIRT6 Activator is a safe way to repair the genetic damages that may occur due to aging

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