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Supplements News

High vitamin B3 (niacin) in your blood might raise your risk of heart attacks

New Scientist - 19-Feb-2024

Fortified foods and supplements can increase niacin levels in the body


Rapamycin, a molecule from soil, might help us live longer and healthier

Live Forever Club - 13-Feb-2024

It could delay age-related diseases and improve the body's systems


Gold nanocrystals: A promising treatment for neurodegenerative diseases

New Atlas - 13-Feb-2024

Oral therapy improved energy & daily activities in MS and Parkinson's patients in phase 2 trial


University of Surrey is all set to test "NOVOS Core" supplement on vascular health

Live Forever Club - 23-Jan-2024

The supplement aims to address the underlying causes of blood vessel ageing

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Supplement mix to minimize the impact of aging and revitalize your longevity, skin health, cognition, and energy


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Premium spermidine supplement - aging wisdom from Japan

Dr. Jin Xiong She Talks About NAD IV Infusions and Intracellular Realities (YouTube)

Trial of 10 patients having 5 sessions of intravenous IV saw no increase in icNAD levels


Supplements company providing affordable, accessible and science-backed options for healthy living

Marine Health Foods

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Natural marine super foods, supplements and seafood products


Company that offers a data-driven approach to disease prevention and health promotion

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Supplementing to Survive

Supplementing to Survive

Many biomarkers decline with age, but can you supplement to compensate and recover your health?

Nuchido TIME+ Trial

Nuchido TIME+ Trial

Results of my 2 month trial of a nicotinamide-based NAD booster

Choosing supplements - why all supplements are not the same

Choosing supplements - why all supplements are not the same

When selecting a supplement, price is not the sole determining factor

Jinfiniti NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

Jinfiniti NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

A good jump in NAD levels and grip strength during this one month trial, but not everything improved

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