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How To Live Forever

Living Long Enough to Live Forever

Right now it’s not possible for a human to live forever. However, medical technology is progressing so fast (due to exponential growth in hardware and data) that it is estimated it will be a real possibility around 2035.

Your chances of dying in any year double every 8 years, so that does mean the older you are the harder you’re going to have to work to make sure you’re the right side of medical technology advances. Therefore it’s critical to take measures TODAY to improve your life expectancy and make preparations to maximise your chances of being able to live forever.

What options do you have to slowing ageing to make to make sure you are around then full blow rejuvenation treatments arrive? The best place to start is the Live Forever Manual - a introduction to life extensionism along with 101 practical tips on how to live forever.

Remember, there’s no such thing as nearly living forever – immortality is an all or nothing game.

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Premium infrared sauna cabins for more than 40 years

Information summarises how it is created and the latest research into its geroprotective properties


London Futurists webinar about transhumanism with Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (FREE)


Book by futurist David Wood - including a brief review


Book about transhumanism written by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner.


German metahumanist philosopher, a philosopher of music and an authority in the field of ethics of emerging technologies.


Company making and distributing Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer made of natural plant ingredients.


Scientific journal covering research concerning alcohol abuse and its treatment.


Genetic testing for personalized nutrition.


Sensor-based wearable for continuous monitoring.

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