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Even with a longer health-span, that is longer lives and longer active lives, I don't think anyone imagines octogenarians playing golf and windsurfing but looking like their skin is about to fall off their bones. Appearance is important psychologically and also physically when you consider that the skin is the largest organ of the body providing protection against infection and helping control temperature.

Collagen makes up around 30% of protein in mammals and is the most abundant protein,

Radical life extension advocates typically  suggest that we will want to revert to our 20-something bodies, but in the meantime I'll be tracking scientifically proven products that keep skin and hair healthy.


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Learn how and why OS-01 BODY was developed and how it can help you achieve your healthiest skin yet

Company Representative

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer of One Skin


Global provider of medical grade collagen formulations and components for use in regenerative medicine


Leading manufacturer of Australian-made, certified cruelty free, cosmeceutical skincare and mineral makeup


Company that designs anti-aging molecules that fights with skin aging


Handcrafted skincare products company.


Online webinar about biology of ageing, and how is it being applied in the beauty sector organized by LSX Leaders.


Company that brings novel therapeutic solutions to the skin microbiome.


Anti-aging company developing senoblockers.


Track wrinkles & Evaluate treatments

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Skin-deep anti-ageing with collagen treatments

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Anti-aging industry to drive real life extension technologies

Skincare product R&D budgets exceed the National Institute on Aging's budget - let's get it focussed on real anti-aging science

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Biological age of human skin cells reduced by 30 years (transcriptome and methylation clocks)

BBC - 08-Apr-2022

Transient reprogramming is progressing fast - how long before the first skincare product is launched?


Hair grown from your own cells may treat baldness

New Atlas - 06-Feb-2022

dNovo converts any cell to hair stem cells, and have already grown hair in mice


Real, live human skin for testing safety and efficacy of cosmetic treatments

Longevity Technology - 28-Oct-2021

Eric Merle details Genoskin's technology and its applications in anti-ageing trials


Stem cells spotted leaking out of follicle in possible cause of hair loss (LEAF) - 12-Oct-2021

Noninvasive imaging technology used to observe aging on the cellular level


A new perifollicular microenvironment for androgenetic alopecia treatment

New Atlas - 16-Aug-2021

Accelerated hair regeneration in the androgenetic alopecia mouse model

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