Even with a longer health-span, that is longer lives and longer active lives, I don't think anyone imagines octogenarians playing golf and windsurfing but looking like their skin is about to fall off their bones. Appearance is important psychologically and also physically when you consider that the skin is the largest organ of the body providing protection against infection and helping control temperature.

Radical life extension advocates typically  suggest that we will want to revert to our 20-something bodies, but in the meantime I'll be tracking scientifically proven products that keep skin and hair healthy.


Youth Laboratories - Track wrinkles & Evaluate treatments
Mobile app considers biomarkers of your face ageing giving objective assessment of treatments and products.

Recent News

Scientists find new ways to treat hair loss and restore hair

Medical Xpress - 25-Jun-2019

Cultured hair farms can be used to replace lost hair and to test hair growth drugs


Protein discovered that keeps skin young

Eyewitness News - 04-Apr-2019

COL17A1 protein promotes wound healing, skin regeneration, and reduces skin ageing


Protein identified that causes aging in skin

News Medical - 27-Dec-2018

The skin is our largest organ, so reversing its aging would help the whole body

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