Even with a longer health-span, that is longer lives and longer active lives, I don't think anyone imagines octogenarians playing golf and windsurfing but looking like their skin is about to fall off their bones. Appearance is important psychologically and also physically when you consider that the skin is the largest organ of the body providing protection against infection and helping control temperature.

Radical life extension advocates typically  suggest that we will want to revert to our 20-something bodies, but in the meantime I'll be tracking scientifically proven products that keep skin and hair healthy.


Youth Laboratories - Track wrinkles & Evaluate treatments
Mobile app considers biomarkers of your face ageing giving objective assessment of treatments and products.

Recent News

Can Aging Genes Be Altered by a Face Cream?

vogue - 21-Jul-2018

Environmental factors can affect the epigenome. A gene for skin elasticity may power down by age 40. Various companies attacking different pathways. Biologique Recherche uses a peptide-powered formula. Sisley's serum acts on the enzyme linked to elastin. Bader users stem-cell technology originally used for burns. Avoiding controversy by making cosmetic, not medical, claims.

Interview with OneSkin Technologies CEO

Thrive Global - 25-Jun-2018

Carolina Reis Oliveira's startup mimics human tissues to understand how they age. OneSkin's mission is to reverse skin aging. As a PhD student she focused on stem cell and tissue engineering. Growing 3D human skin tissues from human cells in the lab. Decreasing senescent cells in the skin promotes its rejuvenation.

What are skin serums?

Harvard Health Publishing - 12-Jun-2018

Serums are light, easily absorbed oil- or water-based liquids. Skin serums are not moisturisers and can be applied before them. Dr. Waldman recommends serums that contain vitamins C & E, and ferulic acid. Intensive dose of ingredients can address common skin complaints. Can prevent brown spots, reverse UV damage, and stimulate new collagen. Tea polyphenols and resveratrol target wrinkles. Dry skin  benefits from vitamin E, niacinamide, and glycolic acid. Price doesn't seem to make much difference - check the ingredients.