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Even with a longer health-span, that is longer lives and longer active lives, I don't think anyone imagines octogenarians playing golf and windsurfing but looking like their skin is about to fall off their bones. Appearance is important psychologically and also physically when you consider that the skin is the largest organ of the body providing protection against infection and helping control temperature.

Collagen makes up around 30% of protein in mammals and is the most abundant protein,

Radical life extension advocates typically  suggest that we will want to revert to our 20-something bodies, but in the meantime I'll be tracking scientifically proven products that keep skin and hair healthy.

Anti-Aging News

Yuva Bio secures $7.5M for topical skin and hair treatment targeting mitochondrial dysfunction

Longevity Technology - 26-Feb-2024

Its Y100 technology combats hair loss and potentially other age-related issues


Skincare myths debunked: What products actually work for ageing skin?

Live Forever Club - 14-Feb-2024

To name a few, moisturizers with acidic pH and emollients with active ingredients can help


Scientists made hair grow faster by supercharging a natural cell cleanup process (LEAF) - 02-Feb-2024

They used a drug called rapamycin in mice to boost the cell cleaning (autophagy)


Skin microbiome diversity is linked to wrinkles and hydration

University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - 11-Jan-2024

The findings pave the way for personalised skincare approaches

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Anti-Aging Resources

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Alessandra Zonari

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer of One Skin

Skin Disease in Old Age


Etiology, diagnosis and treatment of skin disease in the elderly population written by Ronald Marks

Geriatric Dermatology


Overview of the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric skin diseases edited by Robert A. Norman


Track wrinkles & Evaluate treatments

OneSkin Technologies

Company that designs anti-aging molecules that fights with skin aging

Dorian Therapeutics

Anti-aging company developing senoblockers.

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Anti-Aging Blog Posts

Skin-deep anti-ageing with collagen treatments

Skin-deep anti-ageing with collagen treatments

A look at different types of collagen treatments such as injections, micro-needling, supplements, and creams

Anti-aging industry to drive real life extension technologies

Anti-aging industry to drive real life extension technologies

Skincare product R&D budgets exceed the National Institute on Aging's budget - let's get it focussed on real anti-aging science

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