Critical to health. And better to sleep now and live later as more chance that later is the other side of the singularity.

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Resource SleepScore Max - Sensor taking clinical image of sleep measuring its quality and quantity.

Resource SleepScore Labs - Company delivering solutions for better sleep, and for improving sleep quality.

Book Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem - Book providing information about sleep problems and sleep disorders. - Amazon

Resource SleepCogni

Recent News

Sleep tight to reduce cardiovascular disease risk

NHS - 19-Dec-2019

Don't miss your sleep, it's part of a healthy lifestyle


Connection between insomnia and risk of heart attack and stroke

NHS - 07-Nov-2019

People who have insomnia had a small increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke over 10 years


How our bodies clear toxins from our brains while we sleep, scientists explain

Wired - 31-Oct-2019

Cerebrospinal fluid might be involved in the process of cleaning out the toxins

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