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Humankind has always fought itself, and as the power of weapons increase the potential to destroy the whole human race grows.

At the very least, any research into anti-ageing treatments would be slowed significantly with the outbreak of another global conflict.

Autonomous Weapons

One of the biggest fears is that to increase the speed and capability of armed forces, armed automata will be given the right to shoot without human oversight - potentially leading to an army of killer robots.



Coalition of organisations working to ban fully autonomous weapons.

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Recent News

Most people against lethal autonomous weapons

Independent - 14-Feb-2019

Human Rights Watch concerned by who and where technology used in future


Killer robots' ban blocked by US and Russia at UN meeting

Independent - 03-Sep-2018

Autonomous weapons will be here in a few years and no treaty is in place for them


AI researchers sign pledge against killer robots

Guardian - 18-Jul-2018

Over 150 firms agreed against developing A.I-based weapons, governments should be next

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