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Information on engineering repairs and improvement to human sight.

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Vision News

Smart contact lens setback: Mojo Vision pivots to MicroLED displays

The Verge - 07-Jan-2023

MicroLED tech could revolutionize the display industry but is still in its early stages of development


Mojo Vision announces new industry-leading prototype for eye-controlled AR-enabled contact lens

Mojo Vision - 30-Mar-2022

Throwing away the augmented-reality headsets would really open up a new world of opportunities


Lights go off for people with obsolete Second Sight retinal implants

BBC - 17-Feb-2022

No promised upgrades, and no vision at all for some recipients


Mojo lens overlays content onto real world without disturbing your vision

CNET - 25-Aug-2021

Smart lenses of the future: Mojo aims to assist in better vision using AR technology


Bionic eye implant will restore vision to the blind

CISION PR Newswire - 16-Feb-2021

Medical Research Future Fund Grants AU $1M to progress vision processing software

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Vision Resources

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Nano Precision Medical

Biopharmaceutical company with varied pipeline. Merger planned with Second Sight 2022.

The vOICe

Vision technology, sensory substitution and augmented reality glasses for the totally blind

Mojo Vision

Manufacturer of Mojo Lens - a smart contact lens with a built-in display


Company developing wireless bionic vision solution for blind people.

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Vision Blog Posts

Action Man bionic eyes coming to an opticians near you soon

Action Man bionic eyes coming to an opticians near you soon

EPFL demonstrate the latest prototype a contact lens with built in optical zoom