Powered exoskeletons (aka exosuits) will probably take off faster than other augmentations as they don't require any surgery or training - just strap on and go! Receiving a lot of funding from the military for the  rehabilitation of the wounded, as well as to reduce load on troops, exoskeletons can also benefit businesses with increased load carrying and therefore productivity of its workforce.

Lessons learnt in powered joints and stability will feed into robotics and vice versa, creating a cross-over technology between humans controlling robots and robot-wearing humans. The choice will likely be function specific balancing the flexibility of human presence with risks, for example the military removing the human from danger entirely, whereas disaster response organisations may keep the human onsite but with a greatly enhanced ability to rescue and rebuild.


Exoskeleton Technology - http://exoskeleton.news/
Exoskeleton Technology provides news, information, and analysis of the growing exoskeleton technology industry.
We employ a well-qualified analysis team with substantial applied industry experience in the fields of electrical engineering, industrial motion control systems, healthcare, and business.

Able Bionics - https://ablebionics.com/
Bionic rehabilitation - London, Ontario, Canada
Ekso supplier

Aalborg University - http://www.en.aau.dk/news/show-news/exoskeleton-to-ensure-an-active-old-age.cid196160
AXO Suit - portable exoskeleton designed to reinforce the function of aging joints and bones.
First prototype expected 2016.

Bionik Laboratories - http://www.bioniklabs.com/
Its ARKE lower body, robotic exoskeleton is currently in clinical development (Sep-2015)

Ekso - http://intl.eksobionics.com/
Manufacturer of Ekso gait training exoskeleton. Centres throughout North America and Europe.
Wearable bionic suit. Walking is achieved by the user’s weight shifts to activate sensors in the device which initiate steps.
Formerly Berkeley Bionics

Harvard Biodesign Lab - http://biodesign.seas.harvard.edu/soft-exosuits
Augmenting and restoring human performance

Laevo - http://en.laevo.nl/
The Laevo is a wearable chest and back support that adapts to every posture.

Parker Hannifin - http://www.indego.com
Indego FDA cleared personal exoskeleton

Rewalk Robotics - http://rewalk.com/
HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)

Rex Bionics - http://www.rexbionics.com/
Manufacturer of REX and REX P.
New Zealand & UK.

Roam Robotics - http://www.roamrobotics.com/
Compressed air pumped into high-strength fabric.

SuitX - http://www.suitx.com/
Range of exoskeletons including PhoeniX and MAX

SUPERFLEX - http://www.superflextech.com/
Powered Clothing

Twiice - http://twiice.ch/
Competed in 2016 Cybathlon

Recent News

LG adds an exoskeleton to its line of CLOi robots

engadget - 23-Aug-2018

LG CLOi SuitBot is designed to support a user's legs. Provides limb strength to people who lift heavy objects. Features rotating joints and sandal-type shoes with automatic adjustments. Can connect to LG's service robots as part of a smart working network. COMMENT: there's something disconcerting about a human being part of a robot network

Comau Launches Spring-Based Exoskeleton

Engineering - 20-Jun-2018

Spring-based passive structure avoids failure-prone devices. MATE uses no batteries, motors, or mechatronics. Provides postural support during repetitive and daily tasks. Reduces shoulder muscle activity for some muscles of up to 50%.

Robotic exoskeleton analyses spine deformities

The Engineer - 10-Apr-2018

Dynamic exoskeleton measures the stiffness of the torso. Could help treat spinal deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis. Robotic Spine Exoskeleton consists of three rings placed on the pelvis and spine. RoSE has 12 limbs with actuators, joints and sensors that measure forces. Columbia University braces modulates and measures in all six degrees-of-freedom. Could lead to new spine deformity treatments using dynamic modulation.