Robotic Surgery

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Resource Versius - Robot designed to perform surgeries.

Resource CMR Surgical - Company designing next-generation tool for surgery.

Resource CARLO - Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome

Resource Advanced Osteotomy Tools - AOT - Development of medical devices for advanced osteotomy.

Resource CorPath GRX - Robot which helps to peform surgery when the doctor is away.

Resource Corindus Vascular Robotics - Robotic surgery solutions for coronary and vascular procedures.

Resource Virtual Incision

Resource Titan Medical Inc.

Recent News

First US coronavirus patient treated using robot in isolation unit

Guardian - 23-Jan-2020

Unit can expand to 10 units - but would be overwhelmed with a full-scale pandemic


Robots perform major surgeries with great precision

BBC - 12-Dec-2019

More and more robots are becoming available, but needs to choose only the best!


Robotic-assisted neurovascular intervention in brain surgery

ZDNet - 11-Nov-2019

Robotic surgery will give patients access to the best specialists regardless of geographic location

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