Robotic Surgery

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Virtual Incision -
Focused on developing an advanced, miniaturized robot for general surgery abdominal procedures, such as colon resections.

Titan Medical Inc. -
Titan is developing the SPORT™ (Single Port Orifice Robotic Technology) Surgical System for use in minimally invasive surgery (“MIS”).

Recent News

New Versius robot surgery system coming to NHS

BBC - 03-Sep-2018

Versius is smaller, more flexible and versatile than existing robots. Each of the robot arms has flexible joints like a human arm. Controlled by a surgeon using two joysticks and a 3D screen. Surgeons can learn to suture in fraction of time of manual laparoscopic tools. Expected to receive a European approval mark within the next few months.

8 Types of Robotic Surgery Being Used Today

Nanalyze - 20-Jul-2018

Mazor Robotics spine surgery Accuray radiosurgery for tumours. Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci is removing gallbladders. Auris Health robotic endoscope PROCEPT BioRobotics removes enlarged prostate tissue. Medrobotics for ear, nose and throat surgeries. THINK Surgical for orthopaedic surgery. Restoration Robotics for hair loss.

Robot First: Operating On A Human Eye

Futurism - 18-Jun-2018

Clinical trial of PRECEYES Surgical System started in 2016. Robot is designed to assist surgery on the retina. Doesn’t suffer from hand tremors like human surgeons. Unfamiliarity meant it took three times longer than usual. Precision reduces risks and may enable new types of surgery. Results of trial in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.