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Antibiotic Resistance

It's almost unbelievable to think that antibiotics were discovered less than a century ago, and that before then people were severely disabled or killed by what we now regard as easily treatable diseases. Scientists have been warning for years that bacteria is slowly becoming resistant to our wonder cure and that there is no plan B when the last carefully controlled antibiotics no longer work.

Recently there has been a few stories of potential new forms which prevent us going back to the dark ages so I'll be monitoring developments of those here.


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Recent News

Silver nanoparticles may overcome resistance in non-motile microbes - 13-Jul-2021

Limiting misuse & designing potent nanoparticles offer a sustainable antimicrobial to the world


Suppressing bacterial hydrogen sulfide can make potent antibiotics - 10-Jun-2021

Enhancement of bactericidal effect at the same antibiotic dose


New antimicrobial hydrogel heals drug-resistant wound infections

Medgadget - 13-May-2021

Immune peptides bound hydrogel offers new hope in fighting global antibiotic crisis


Latest antimicrobial nanocoating kills bacterial & fungal cells

Nano Magazine - 14-Apr-2021

Ultrathin layer of black phosphorus on bioimplants and wound dressings could prevent deadly infections


After covid vaccine, Oxford to tackle antibiotic resistance

BBC - 19-Jan-2021

Expert researchers to address antibiotic resistance with the £100m fund by Ineos

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