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As one of the many membership benefits, the club has arranged discounts with a range of health and well-being suppliers.

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SupplierProductsMembers' DiscountDiscount Code
NOVOS Take control with NOVOS to minimize the impact of aging and revitalize your longevity, skin health, cognition, and energy. 20% off + FREE crossbody bagLogin to view code
SelfDecode DNA Wellness Reports. Get comprehensive reports that analyze your genes and give suggestions to help you optimize specific health areas. 30% offLogin to view code
Ani Biome Restore the biome balance with personalised daily dose of fermented microdrinks to optimise gut health and vitality 20% off

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Primeadine Premium spermidine supplement - a potent polyamine-rich compound known for inducing autophagy (which slows as we age) 20% offLogin to view code
Muhdo A genomics and epigenomics specialist that provides DNA and Epigenetic testing, and a customisable digital health solution. 
20% offLogin to view code

Filter Optix

Premium blue light glasses to reduce eye strain and lower stress while improving your sleep
20% offLogin to view code
Misfits Plant powered protein bars, powder and health supplements
20% offLogin to view code


At-home intracellular NAD test guides you to optimal supplementation and lifestyle to raise your NAD. Also has its own NMN/creatine monohydrate formulation.
15% offLogin to view code


Test reveals your body’s true age - its biological age. Cutting-edge technology developed by testing over 80,000 individuals worldwide.
15% off
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Nuchido TIME+

A scientific blend of vitamins and botanicals, including niacin (as nicotinamide), selected to activate the NAD+ salvage pathway enzyme NAMPT.
15% off your first purchase
Only available to Longevist members
TruMeTruAge Index calculates your true biological age by analyzing the DNA methylation (DNAm) profiles of several loci in the human genome15% offLogin to view code
VitallAffordable blood tests to help you identify health issues and achieve your fitness and well-being goals15% offLogin to view code
Marine Health FoodsHighest quality natural marine super foods, supplements and seafood products to help lead energetic and healthy lives15% offLogin to view code
HaskapaDiscover the benefits of haskap berries which contain more anthocyanins and antioxidants than blueberries.15% off
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Edi (Endorphin Dealer Institute)Groundbreaking endorphin spirits that trigger feelings of pleasure, without the downsides of alcohol.15% offLogin to view code
ZeezUnder the pillow sleep device uses brainwave patterns to prompt good sleep, right through the night.£ 40 offLogin to view code
FutureYouSupplements that work. Including Prime Fifty's nutritional supplements specially formulated for the unique needs of the over 50’s
£5 off orders over £20Login to view code
Randox Health
The largest healthcare diagnostics company from the UK and Ireland offers a huge range of at-home and in-clinic health tests
10% offLogin to view code
Do Not Age
Latest anti-ageing supplements including NMN, Quercetin, Hyaluronic Acid & Resveratrol plus an epigenetic biological age test.
10% offLogin to view code
Health MateManufacturing premium infrared sauna cabins for more than 40 years
10% off (worth up to £500!)
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Serena Organics High-quality, organic CBD edibles, oils, and tinctures that provide real relaxation
10% offLogin to view code
Ageless Partners Health coaching, workshop sessions, and longevity guides.
10% offLogin to view code

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