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Musculoskeletal conditions are conditions (including disease and pain) in the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, i.e. the locomotor system.

Includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia and sarcopenia.

Musculoskeletal News

Paralyzed surfer regains mobility using stem cells in belly fat

Independent - 03-Apr-2024

Experimental stem cell therapy offers hope for spinal cord injury patients


Gut bacteria and blood molecules offer clues to why grip strength weakens with age

Live Forever Club - 21-Feb-2024

Research opens doors for future interventions to prevent muscle loss


Rejuvenate Biomed's potential drug candidate combats sarcopenia in older adults

Rejuvenate Biomed - 21-Feb-2024

Phase 1b trial shows RJx-01's ability to improve muscle strength, function, and fatigue resistance


Rejuvenate Bio partners with animal company to develop gene therapy for canine osteoarthritis

Biospace - 14-Feb-2024

Single dose injection targets root causes, offering long-term relief & improved quality of life

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Zimmer Biomet

Leading innovator in musculoskeletal healthcare.

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Musculoskeletal Blog Posts

Use it or lose it – over 50s guide to muscle loss

Use it or lose it – over 50s guide to muscle loss

Don’t fall into the vicious circle of frailty

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