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Review of new UK alcohol guidelines coming soon.

When considering large studies of alcohol consumption related life expectancy keep in mind sick quitters bias – teetotallers included former alcoholics people already too sick to drink. This may skew some research to look like not drinking is less healthy than moderate consumption.

Calories in Alcohol

If you're weight watching, then also watch your alcohol intake. Gram for gram alcohol has almost the same amount of calories as fat, and almost twice as much as found in carbohydrates.
There is a lot of variability, but roughly speaking
A pint of beer = 180 kcal
A 175ml glass of wine = 120 kcal
A 25ml gin shot (ignoring the tonic) = 180 kcal


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Edi - Endorphin Dealer Institute

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Endorphin spirits trigger feelings of pleasure, without the downsides of alcohol

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

Scientific journal covering research concerning alcohol abuse and its treatment.

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New UK Alcohol Guidelines - Are you feeling lucky?

New UK Alcohol Guidelines - Are you feeling lucky?

Just the one won't kill me... well, it might, as there is no safe level for drinking alcohol

Recent News

Even small amounts of alcohol intake can increase your blood pressure

Independent - 31-Jul-2023

Systolic BP rose by 1.25 and 4.90 mm Hg for 12 and 48 grams of routine drinking, respectively


Study links alcohol consumption to over 60 diseases, many previously unassociated

Oxford Population Health - 08-Jun-2023

Daily drinking, binge drinking, and drinking outside of mealtimes significantly increased the risk


New study finds: drinking in moderation cannot lower risk of death (LEAF) - 17-Apr-2023

It is best to avoid alcohol altogether or limit consumption to very occasional, light drinking


Online shoppers go alcohol-free with increased availability of non-alcoholic drinks

Independent - 30-Mar-2023

High access to non-alcoholic alternatives may notably reduce alcohol purchases


Mild to moderate consumption of alcohol can reduce the risk of dementia, study finds

CNN - 06-Feb-2023

The study was observational, no cause and effect can be determined

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