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Here is a round up of the current contenders for slowing or reducing aging. As research continues, and if/when they make real advancements in human trials (or at least human cells) I'll split them into their own pages with more analysis.


Diabetics who are on metformin actually seem to be living longer than nondiabetics who are not on it - Bill Gifford

David Sinclair has said he is taking it - but skips the pill on days that he exercises.

Radiation Hormesis

Non-sanctioned therapy used by athritis sufferers.

The Therapeutic use of Radon: A Biomedical Treatment in Europe; An “Alternative” Remedy in the United States - National Center for Biotechnology Information - 23-Sep-2006
Discusses the decision-making process involved in using radon, and compare the Montana radon health mine facilities with selected radon mines and spas in Europe.

Rapamycin (aka sirolimus)

A chemical produced by bacteria that has been shown to have immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. It is currently used in the prevention of transplant rejection and as a coronary stent coating, and is also being tested for certain cancers.

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Metformin may minimize muscle loss in extended periods of bed rest (LEAF) - 24-Jul-2023

Improvements seen in muscle size and collagen deposits in older people with atrophy


Diabetes medication metformin could lower long COVID risk by 41%, study suggests

New Scientist - 09-Jun-2023

Metformin may function as an anti-inflammatory and potentially reduce the viral load of SARS-CoV-2


Unraveling the long-term impacts of metformin on lifespan: a 20-year study

Live Forever Club - 16-May-2023

Extensive analysis reveals an initial benefit to longevity that diminishes, then reverses, over time


Peter Attia comments on Danish metformin study that does not find benefit to general population

Peter Attia website - 11-Mar-2023

Original study was subject to bias due to exclusion of participants who progressed to multiple therapies


Metformin misinterpreted as antiaging drug via animal studies, TAME heads for future trials

SENS Research Foundation - 04-Oct-2022

More than 90% of drugs safe and effective when tested in experimental animals fail in human testing

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Immortality: The Quest To Live Forever and How It Drives Civilisation


A fascinating work of popular philosophy and history that both enlightens and entertains written by Stephen Cave

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