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Good advice from LEAF's Steve Hill - "if you are not recording your biomarkers and doing things scientifically, you risk hurting yourself and are taking things on faith rather than evidence; this also has potential to harm the field and set research back, so please hack responsibly."


Company BioData - Biotechnology company focused on big data, biomarkers research and biohacking.

Advocate Hannes Sjoblad (aka Sapiens) - Thought leader and speaker biohacking on human augmentation

Video Biohacking - you can do it, too - Ellen Jorgensen opened Genspace, a nonprofit DIY bio lab in Brooklyn devoted to citizen science

Book Limitless - Amazon

Book Biohacker’s Handbook

Institute TED Talks

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LEAF interview Greg Potter on tracking your health

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 17-Dec-2019

If you are interested in your health, then don’t develop an unhealthy obsession about your health.


Biohackers engaged in DYI gene therapy need to be more responsible

Bloomberg - 11-Oct-2019

Injecting various experimental self-made therapies can be their undoing


Customers report being deluded by Trusii water company

CNBC - 14-Sep-2019

Many customers left with thousands of dollars debt for the machines that didn't even work

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