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Personalised Medicine

Some medicine may work better for you - or not work at all. Efficacy of most drugs is remarkably poor - and that's before taking into account pharmaceutical companies only publish positive studies. Across a broad population, some drugs struggle to beat the efficacy of a placebo but may still inflict detrimental side effects.

We're finding more and more that some drugs work better for for people with certain characteristics in their DNA and even gene expression, as well as broader factors such as sex and health. Today, a doctor has to prescribe one drug, wait to see if it works, and then prescribe another one and another one until the most effective drug is found (no fault of the doctor - they have no way of knowing the best match). Soon they will be able to take a one drop of blood, perform an instant analysis, and select the best drug for you. And beyond that, rather than selecting the best matching drug for you, medicines may be designed for you exact condition and tailored perfectly to your individual body.


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Michael Lustgarten probes at the science behind living forever in this 2015 TEDx talk


Oncology company focused on the clinical development of new and innovative therapies to treat cancer


Company that develops digital health products to help patients, clinicians and researchers


Providing personalised clinical testing services to the NHS and private customers worldwide


A not-for-profit body of members and partners across the UK physical activity sector & fitness


Company that develops a single-cell detection system identifying patient immune responses


Personalized mitochondrial medicines for age-related diseases.


Company creating and delivering innovative medicines.


Company developing and producing diagnostic devices.


Digital health and diagnostics company.

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