Personalised Medicine

Efficacy of most drugs is remarkably poor - and thats before taking into account pharmaceutical companies only publish positive studies.

I'll be digging around for statistics on this, for example what is the average efficacy of modern drug compared to a placebo? How many people get any benefit at all? And are the side affects worth the benefit?

In future drugs will be chosen based on your DNA and even gene expression, as well as broader factors such as sex and health. One drop of blood, instant analysis, personal drug selection or even personal drug design - tailored perfectly to your individual body.

Recent News

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Could reduce time and cost of DNA testing


NHS to offer DNA tests to build up national database

BBC - 26-Jan-2019

Lots more detail needed - how much, what will be tested for, how will results be interpreted?


3D printing is changing personalised medicine

Verdict - 18-Jan-2019

From surgical planning and implants, to patient-specific pills

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