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Discover upcoming events around the world covering ageing research, medical technology, transhumanism, and more.

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LSX World Congress 2024

29-Apr-2024 to 30-Apr-2024

The leading life science partnering, strategy and investment event in Europe organised by Longevity Leaders (LXS) (London, UK)

Longevity Med Summit (LMS) 2024

08-May-2024 to 09-May-2024

Leading summit for the Longevity medical industry (Lisboa, Portugal)

Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024

10-May-2024 to 11-May-2024

The leading networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity investors and translational researchers by Forever Healthy Foundation

Longevity State Conference 2024


Conference about longevity, its social changes and aging organised by Vitalism Foundation (Cofrentes, Spain)

Baltics Conference on Healthy Longevity 2024

07-Jun-2024 to 08-Jun-2024

Conference promoting healthy longevity organised by Longevity Alliance Baltic (LAB) (Riga, Latvia)

Longevity Summit Dublin 2024

13-Jun-2024 to 16-Jun-2024

Event gathering Global Longevity and Rejuvenation community in Dublin by LEV Foundation (Dublin, Ireland)

Health Optimisation Summit 2024

15-Jun-2024 to 15-Jun-2024

Event about health optimisation organized by London Health Optimisation Biohacker Social Circle (London, UK)

Smart Ageing Summit 2024


Enhance your health span and longevity with these expert talks organized by Oxford Longevity Project (Oxford, UK)

ARDD 2024 - 11th Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meeting

26-Aug-2024 to 30-Aug-2024

Event about latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging organised by University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RAADfest 2024

05-Sep-2024 to 08-Sep-2024

9th Annual RAAD Festival by Coalition for Radical Life Extension (Anaheim, CA, USA)

Longevity Investors Conference 2024

24-Sep-2024 to 27-Sep-2024

Conference gathering longevity experts and investors at one place (Gstaad, Switzerland)

International Future of Health and Technology Summit

10-Oct-2024 to 11-Oct-2024

Unlocking revolutionary health and med-tech vistas for human longevity and well-being - organised by TAFFD's

Longevity Nation 2024

28-Oct-2024 to 31-Oct-2024

Conference Enhancing Research, Development and Education for Healthy Longevity organized by Vetek Association (Tel Aviv, Israel)

The Longevity Summit 2024

03-Dec-2024 to 04-Dec-2024

Longevity researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs speaking about eliminating disease of ageing by Longevity Global (Novato, CA, USA)

Past Events

Aging & Gerontology 2024

08-Apr-2024 to 09-Apr-2024

The conference by Sciinov Group with focus on gerontology studies (Valencia, Spain)

Cryonics UK Training & Meet Up


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK (Sheffield, UK)

Global Longevity Federation (GLF 2024)

25-Mar-2024 to 26-Mar-2024

The conference by Sciinov Group tries to put together an exciting scientific programme focused on longevity (Las Vegas, USA)

Milan Longevity Summit

14-Mar-2024 to 27-Mar-2024

Rich program of conferences about the cutting-edge research to slow down the aging process, organised by BrainCircle Italia (Milan, Italy, FREE)

Exploring the Frontiers of Ageing Research - the XPRIZE Challenge


Dr Jamie Justice speaking about XPRIZE Healthspan competition, organised by Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) (London, UK, FREE)

Turn Around Aging Conference


Conference focused on healthy longevity (Munich, Germany)

Epigenetic Clocks Connected to Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases


Steve Horvath talking about epigenetic clocks by Ageing Research at King's (ARK) (FREE)

Robust Mice Rejuvenation Project’s Implications For Longevity Medicine


Preliminary results and breakthroughs of RMR project by Longevity Education Hub

Transvision Utrecht 2024

20-Jan-2024 to 21-Jan-2024

International forum for exchange of ideas related to transhumanism 1co-organized by the French Association for Transhumanism and London Futurists (Netherlands)

Cryonics UK Training and Meet Up


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK