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Freeze your brain at death to hopefully reanimate in the future.

Cryonics News

New supercooling technique preserved human heart tissue from damage

Medical Xpress - 27-Sep-2021

Retains structural and functional effects even after preserving at subzero temperatures


Ex-wife was accused of stealing frozen bodies - possibly for revenge

Newsweek - 17-Sep-2021

Cryopreservation protects the dead body from decomposition process after death.


Tiny worms in Siberian permafrost can reproduce even after 24,000 years

Guardian - 07-Jun-2021

Survival abilities of rotifers may help scientists develop better cryo-preservation techniques


Latest technology to cryo-preserve organs for future use

IEEE Spectrum - 21-Apr-2021

Beyond organs, researchers found a way to restore ecosystem and possibly a fauna ark on the moon


Emil Kendziorra explains how Tomorrow Biostasis will cryopreserve your body

Sifted - 02-Feb-2021

Good to have another cyronics provider in Europe

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Cryonics UK Training & Meet Up


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK (Sheffield, UK)

Cryonics UK Training and Meet Up


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK

CRYO Science

World-class equipment innovator and solution provider for all Cryogenic applications

Cryonics UK Training


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK

Storing dead people at -196°C

Tom Scott takes his camera to visit Tomorrow Bio's cryopreservation facility

Tim Gibson

Head of Cyronics UK

Greg Fahy

World expert in organ cryopreservation, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder at Intervene Immune

Tomorrow Biostasis

Biotechnology company specialized in human cryopreservation

Emil Kendziorra

Doctor. Entrepreneur. Revolutionized Medicine. Chairman Of The Board at EBF

Cryonics webinar


Max More, Emil Kendziorra, Peter Tsolakides speak at this Madrid Singularity hosted by Jose Cordeiro

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Cryonics Callout Training with Cryonics UK

Cryonics Callout Training with Cryonics UK

What’s involved in the 4 stages of a cryonics callout? Standby, cool down, perfusion and transportation.