Freeze your brain at death to hopefully reanimate in the future.


Alcor Life Extension Foundation -
Cryonics is the science of using ultra-cold temperature to preserve human life with the intent of restoring good health when technology becomes available to do so.

Cryonics Institute -
Our objective is not profit, but to help our members who choose cryopreservation to have an opportunity live again to see a brighter future.

KrioRus -
First and only cryonics company in Eurasia.
Formed in 2003 it has now cryopreserved 56 people with more than 200 people signed up.

Trans Time -
Cares for people while the medical treatment for their illness can be discovered.

Suspended Animation -
Biotechnology company that develops hypothermia inducing techniques and technologies.

Recent News

Cryonic labs hoping to bring back people in the future

Starts at 60 - 30-Sep-2019

People who want to be frozen have to pay AU$300,000 for their entire body, AU$118,000 for the brain


Worms from ice-age era come back to life as ice melts

Futurism - 09-Jul-2019

Life forms in other planets - we could start by looking for nematodes


Cryonics and reanimation - a curse or a blessing

Forbes - 08-Jul-2019

Would we, today, allow the reanimation of someone who might reintroduce the 1918 flu or medieval plague?

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