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The Live Forever Club collates news articles, useful resources and lots of practical tips about living longer, healthier lives. All of the information is available to everyone - part of the club's philosophy of equality in longevity - with members getting unlimited access and some extra features (free and paid options available).

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NO NONSENSE POLICY! The club tracks down the latest scientific research on the causes of ageing and effects on life expectancy, and also keeps you abreast of the wider impacts of life extension and the consequences for society when it arrives. We do our best to only include evidence-based approaches to longevity and wellness - no clickbait articles from us.

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Medical Technology - track the rapid advances in medicine and healthcare

Health - avoid the big killers to buy time until medical technology catches up

Augmentation - enhance your body with improved muscles, vision and direct brain interfacing

Life Extension - slow aging and rejuvenate your body with new cells and organs

Survival - even when biologically immortal you've still got to avoid dying from accidents or natural disasters

How To Live Forever - covers topics that will help you make lifestyle choices to improve your chances of living long enough to live forever


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Recent News

A protein called APOB, key to blood fat control, could influence your lifespan

Live Forever Club - 25-Feb-2024

Lowering APOB could potentially delay age-related diseases like Alzheimer's


The remaining lifespan of old mice, equivalent to a human age of 77 years, doubled

Live Forever Club - 25-Feb-2024

Therapy used OSKM genes to potentially extend lifespan and reverse ageing signs


Researchers discovered eight things you can do to potentially live longer

Live Forever Club - 23-Feb-2024

Study highlights the power we have to improve our longevity through everyday choices.


COVID-19 and inequality cast a long shadow on UK life expectancy

The Health Foundation - 23-Feb-2024

Experts calling for action to improve basic needs and address inequalities


Diabetic monkeys regain insulin independence after transplant of unique insulin cells

Live Forever Club - 23-Feb-2024

This could lead to a safer and better treatment for type 1 diabetes.


Atom limbs' AI-powered bionic arm that feel and respond like your own

BBC - 23-Feb-2024

Early trials promise natural movement, control and sense of touch; however, cost concerns remain


Telomere-based interventions offer promising avenues for combating ageing

Live Forever Club - 23-Feb-2024

Telomere research is in its early stages, with much to be discovered


UC Berkeley researchers invented a robot that can sew stitches by itself

MIT Technology Review - 22-Feb-2024

It paves the way for future advancements in surgical robots and improved patient care


Gut bacteria and blood molecules offer clues to why grip strength weakens with age

Live Forever Club - 21-Feb-2024

Research opens doors for future interventions to prevent muscle loss


MMI's surgical robot gears up for global rollout with $110M boost

FierceBiotech - 21-Feb-2024

Symani's wristed instruments bring steady hands and big ambitions to microsurgery


Latest Resources

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The longevity society, a new phase for technology-driven humanity

The Longevity Summit 2024

03-Dec-2024 to 04-Dec-2024

Longevity researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs speaking about eliminating disease of ageing by Longevity Global (Novato, CA, USA)

Smart Ageing Summit 2024


Enhance your health span and longevity with these expert talks organized by Oxford Longevity Project (Oxford, UK)

Sovan Sarkar

Birmingham Fellow (equivalent to Assistant Professor) at the University of Birmingham

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Supplementing to Survive

Supplementing to Survive

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Meet the Omes

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Exponential growth in ageing research

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