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Longevity, life extension, biological immortality, living forever... whatever you want to call it you're in the right place. The Live Forever Club collates news articles, online resources and lots of useful tips. All of the latest information is available to all, part of the club's philosophy of equality in longevity, with more comprehensive and archive information accessible by members.

The club not only tracks down the latest scientific research on the causes of ageing and effects on life expectancy, it also keeps you abreast of the wider impacts of life extension and the consequences for society when it arrives:

Medical Technology - track the rapid advances in medicine and healthcare.

Health - avoid the big killers to buy time until medical technology catches up.

Augmentation - enhance your body with improved muscles, vision and direct brain interfacing.

Life Extension - slow aging and rejuvenate your body with new cells and organs.

Survival - even when biologically immortal you've still got to avoid dying from accidents or natural disasters.

How To Live Forever - covers topics that will help you make lifestyle choices to improve your chances of living long enough to live forever.

Recent News

Chemicals identified to reverse mental decline

BBC - 14-Feb-2019

Mental capacity not lost - just masked by inflammation


Most people against lethal autonomous weapons

Independent - 14-Feb-2019

Human Rights Watch concerned by who and where technology used in future


LEAF interviews Ichor Therapeutics CEO

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 12-Feb-2019

$16m raided, FoxBio partnership with Juvenescence, lots going on


New academy to lobby government to combat ageing

The Boston Globe - 12-Feb-2019

Will campaign to treat ageing as a disease


Sci-fi blockbuster imagines whole Earth migration

The Verge - 09-Feb-2019

Concept of moving whole planets was imagined in 1937 novel Star Maker


Drug attacks cancers cells using trojan horse antibody

Independent - 08-Feb-2019

Novel mechanisms for attacking cancer cells are always good news


Google's Verily AI spots diabetes damage in eyes

Guardian - 08-Feb-2019

Another great example of machine learning saving time and lives


LEAF report from the Longevity Leaders Conference

- 06-Feb-2019

Encouraging signs from big companies - more interviews to follow


More people drinking themselves to death than ever before

Independent - 06-Feb-2019

Older, richer people drinking the most


New $100m fund wants to give us 30 years extra healthspan

FierceBiotech - 05-Feb-2019

Aiming for a market of billions of people, not just the richest