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Longevity, life extension, biological immortality, living forever... whatever you want to call it you're in the right place. The Live Forever Club collates news articles, online resources and lots of useful tips. All of the latest information is available to all, part of the club's philosophy of equality in longevity, with more comprehensive and archive information accessible by members.

The club not only tracks down the latest scientific research on the causes of ageing and effects on life expectancy, it also keeps you abreast of the wider impacts of life extension and the consequences for society when it arrives:

Medical Technology - track the rapid advances in medicine and healthcare.

Health - avoid the big killers to buy time until medical technology catches up.

Augmentation - enhance your body with improved muscles, vision and direct brain interfacing.

Life Extension - slow aging and rejuvenate your body with new cells and organs.

Survival - even when biologically immortal you've still got to avoid dying from accidents or natural disasters.

How To Live Forever - covers topics that will help you make lifestyle choices to improve your chances of living long enough to live forever.

Recent News

The role of NAD+ in resisting age-related circadian rhythm disturbance

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 25-May-2020

Study in mice shows link between the two, could help improve sleep quality in humans


Artificial eye for visually impaired people, humanoid robots

Independent - 22-May-2020

Bionic eye could provide more pixels and wider spectrum than human vision


A new novel senolytic agent, R406, discovered

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 22-May-2020

Intriguingly destroys senescent cells without inducing cell destruction


Age-related changes in gut microbiota cause cognitive decline in aged rats

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 20-May-2020

Restoring microbiome could be one strategy to support healthy longevity


Iron nanobots for diagnostic imaging, drug delivery and target cell destruction

EurekAlert! - 20-May-2020

Can manipulate these nanobots inside the body using magnetic fields


Human gut microbiome is altered by shifting to a ketogenic diet

EurekAlert! - 20-May-2020

Potential research area to find treatment options for autoimmune diseases of the gut


Combination of two molecules, a potential treatment for osteoarthritis

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 19-May-2020

Raises hope to end the extensive physical and psychological suffering the condition brings


Drones to deliver defibrillators for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Sweden

MobiHealthNews - 19-May-2020

Immediate defibrillation is the key to surviving a sudden cardiac arrest


Reduced risk of Parkinson's disease for coffee and tea drinkers

Independent - 18-May-2020

Lead study linking caffeine and its disease-slowing potential


Orion College ageing research receives 1 million UK pounds from Jim Mellon

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 18-May-2020

He believes in the importance of boosting immunoresilience among elderly