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Longevity, life extension, biological immortality, living forever... whatever you want to call it you're in the right place. The Live Forever Club collates news articles, online resources and lots of useful tips. All of the latest information is available to all, part of the club's philosophy of equality in longevity, with more comprehensive and archive information accessible by members.

The club not only tracks down the latest scientific research on the causes of ageing and effects on life expectancy, it also keeps you abreast of the wider impacts of life extension and the consequences for society when it arrives:

Medical Technology - track the rapid advances in medicine and healthcare.

Health - avoid the big killers to buy time until medical technology catches up.

Augmentation - enhance your body with improved muscles, vision and direct brain interfacing.

Life Extension - slow aging and rejuvenate your body with new cells and organs.

Survival - even when biologically immortal you've still got to avoid dying from accidents or natural disasters.

How To Live Forever - covers topics that will help you make lifestyle choices to improve your chances of living long enough to live forever.

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Recent News

Stem cell transplantation repairs stroke-injured rat brains

Medical Xpress - 08-Apr-2020

New possibility on restoring injured neural circuitry in humans after stroke


Smart toilet can detect health conditions through AI camera

Independent - 07-Apr-2020

Promising tech for personalized health monitoring via analysis of excreta


Senolytics may have the potential to treat asthma

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 07-Apr-2020

Will senolytics become the panacea to the whole Pandora's box by 100 years into future?


Could you lead the Transhumanist Party UK?

UK Transhumanist Party - 06-Apr-2020

Applications are invited from people who can raise the profile of transhumanist politics in the UK


Resveratrol reduced DNA double-strand breaks in mice cells

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 06-Apr-2020

Variety of polyphenols had positive impact on genomic stability


FDA gives the green light for human trials against a new coronavirus therapy

WebMD - 03-Apr-2020

May cause serious adverse effects if stem cells over attack normal lung cells


Gut enzyme prevents age-related loss of intestinal barrier integrity

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 03-Apr-2020

In animal models, IAP is found to prevent frailty and extend lifespan


Positive feedback look identified with ATM via NF-κB pathway back to cellular senescence

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 02-Apr-2020

As always, it's complicated, but controlling levels of ATM could be part of a therapy to combat ageing


Blood test as multi-cancer detection tool

BBC - 31-Mar-2020

More to look forward as it promises early cancer detection when fine-tuned


UK resident takes over as world's oldest man at 112

Guardian - 31-Mar-2020

He has kept active through-out his retirement and doesn't look a day over 80!