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Multi-legged mini-robot made for drug delivery

Cosmos - 03-Oct-2018

Video of robot carrying capsule across the inside of a model stomach. Set of tiny caterpillar-like legs that can carry heavy loads. Moves inside the body even where fluids (e.g. blood, mucous) are present. Fabricated with a silicon material called polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Embedded with magnetic particles to allow remote control. Increasing the frequency of applied electromagnetic field increases its speed. Developed at the City University of Hong Kong.

Magnetic Microrobots Deliver Cells Into Living Animals

The Scientist - 27-Jun-2018

Computer model worked out ideal dimensions for a microrobot. Spiky, porous & spherical best for transporting living cells. Devices were 3D printed and coated with nickel and titanium. Magnetic field applied to the animal then leads the microrobots. Tested in vivo in zebra fish to deliver cells at a specific spot. Hair-width vehicles could be used in regenerative medicine & cell therapy.

Micro-robot Delivers Drugs in Capsules

Business Korea - 23-May-2018

Features a lid that can be opened and closed. Cap structure can seal in cells and drugs for delivery. Micro-robot has propellants that mimic bacterial movements. Able to pick up and drop particles of several tens of micrometers. Delivered olfactory nerve cells without killing them. Research results by DGIST published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.