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Gene Therapy

Restoring the body with gene therapy.


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Sangamo Therapeutics

Company dedicated to advancing genetic therapies in order to treat patients living with serious genetic diseases.

YouthBio Therapeutics

Developing rejuvenation gene therapies based on partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Company that invests in scientific innovation to create transformative medicines for people with serious and life-threatening diseases

Rejuvenate Bio

Company delivering age-reversing gene therapies for animals

Butterfly Sciences

Gene therapy for human health span

Editas Medicine

Genome editing company.

CRISPR Therapeutics

Company developing transformative gene-based medicines for serious human diseases

Bioviva Science

Gene therapy innovation leaders developing platforms to treat severe genetic disorders and cellular aging

Qihan Biotech

Company that uses genome editing technologies to deliver regenerative medicine solutions

Charles River Laboratories

Company that provides essential products and services to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

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Empire State of Mind (and Body)

Empire State of Mind (and Body)

manipulation over the Opportunities opened up with human genetic engineering need to be regulated global to avoid exploitation

Perfect storm for gene therapy?

Perfect storm for gene therapy?

Genome editing combined with stem cell generation could produce life extending therapies when boosted with big data

Six of the best from Ray's newsletter

Six of the best from Ray's newsletter

Including nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery, nanofiber sensors, and personalized nerve cells

Repairing damaged hearts - first step to rejuvenation

Repairing damaged hearts - first step to rejuvenation

If you can repair damage from heart attacks, why can't we repair heart damage from ageing?

Recent News

CRISPR based PASTE (Programmable Addition via Site-specific Targeting Elements) tool designed

MIT Media Lab - 24-Nov-2022

The new PASTE tool replaces faulty genes in a safer and more efficient way


Breakthrough gene therapy offers cure for a rare bleeding disorder heamophilia

BBC - 21-Jul-2022

Trial results were positive but cautioned the use until proven safe and effective


HTR in Drosophila somatic cells using nikase and CRISPR genetic editing tools

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) - 05-Jul-2022

CRISPR genetic editing tools may be helpful in genetic repair


Lifespan of middle-aged mice increased by a third with telomerase gene therapy

CISION PR Newswire - 19-May-2022

Treatment used proprietary CMV vector which is able to deliver multiple genes into the nucleus


Viral-vector gene therapies could unlock healthy life extension in humans (LEAF) - 12-May-2022

Lifespan of mice greatly extended even when treatment only started at the equivalent of 56 years old

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