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Ageing Research

Fundamental ageing research used to be a slow, unexciting, area of academia, with all the big names and money looking at specific diseases. But now that people have realised that most age-related diseases have a shared cause (aging, who'd have thought it?) it's becoming big business. Private money is being invested in biotech start-ups, which is great, but there is still plenty of basic (and by that I don't mean simple) research to do to increase our understanding of the very complex products and processes of ageing.

Sometimes I prefer to call this "anti-ageing research" - because nobody is researching how to speed it up!

A note on spelling - Ageing or Aging?

According to Cambridge Dictionary: UK = ageing, US = aging

Being a UK-based club, the preference is to spell it with an "e" - but as most publications use the US version (and it's quicker to type!), realistically, it is used interchangeably throughout the site.


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CRA produces policy-relevant, internationally-focused multi-disciplinary research and training on older age and ageing


Research institute at the University of Surrey focusing on inequalities across the life course and in later life


The primary focus of the CARU is research into conditions associated with ageing


Research institute that pioneers a cutting edge multi disciplinary approach for the identification of health determinants


Research institute that works to understand the mechanisms of ageing


MICRA is a leading research centre carrying out multidisciplinary research into fundamental questions about ageing


World class centre of excellence for research on the biology of ageing and ageing-related diseases


Medical center focused on inflammatory rheumatic diseases


Multi-disciplinary group with aim to undertake research into the implications of population change


Group at the University of Liverpool led by Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

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Recent News

New study leading towards permanent youthful immune function (LEAF) - 18-Oct-2021

Significant alteration in lineage potential by NR treatment in mice


Revel pharmaceuticals restores tissue function using AGE-cleaving enzymes

Longevity Technology - 12-Oct-2021

A unique treatment approach for ageing; will soon begin trials in animals and human cadaver tissue


Mammalian brain cells mapped for better understanding of the neuronal disorders

EurekAlert! - 06-Oct-2021

The atlas of the brain cells developed will help pave the way for future research in brain disorders


Longevity Science Foundation to fund $1 billion for a 120-year human lifespan

Longevity Technology - 30-Sep-2021

The foundation's mission is to make longevity medicine accessible to everyone - fantastic news!


The Rejuvenome project plans to combine multiple anti-ageing interventions in mice

Fight Aging! - 27-Sep-2021

One drug doesn't fit all; combination therapies to address multiple ageing processes at once

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