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Ageing Research

Fundamental ageing research used to be a slow, unexciting, area of academia, with all the big names and money looking at specific diseases. But now that people have realised that most age-related diseases have a shared cause (aging, who'd have thought it?) it's becoming big business. Private money is being invested in biotech start-ups, which is great, but there is still plenty of basic (and by that I don't mean simple) research to do to increase our understanding of the very complex products and processes of ageing.

Sometimes I prefer to call this "anti-ageing research" - because nobody is researching how to speed it up!

A note on spelling - Ageing or Aging?

According to Cambridge Dictionary: UK = ageing, US = aging

Being a UK-based club, the preference is to spell it with an "e" - but as most publications use the US version (and it's quicker to type!), realistically, it is used interchangeably throughout the site.


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Ani Biome

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Longevity-driven start-up that creates daily rituals for gut microbiome health management

Longevity Med Summit report – Talk & Discussion (online)


Presentation of key points from the conference followed by discussion (FREE)

Time of Our Lives: The Science of Human Aging


Evolution of aging written by Tom Kirkwood

Cognitive Aging: A Primer


Accessible overview of how the cognitive system changes as a function of normal aging edited by Denise C. Park

Human Senescence: Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspectives


Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology written by Douglas E. Crews

Behavior, Health, and Aging


Book that offers a stimulating array of multiple aspects of the aging process and of factors that affect it written by Stephen B. Manuck

Geriatric Dermatology


Overview of the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric skin diseases edited by Robert A. Norman

Perspectives on Human Memory and Cognitive Aging


Essays in Honor of Fergus Craik edited by Moshe Naveh-Benjamin

Chromosomal Instability and Aging: Basic Science and Clinical Implications


Relationship between DNA damage and repair, cellular senescence, genomic instability and ageing edited by Fuki M. Hisama

Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging: Linking Cognitive and Cerebral Aging


Unified and comprehensive overview of the new discipline of cognitive neuroscience of aging edited by Roberto Cabeza

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Ageing Research Blog Posts

Clock Foundation’s GrimAge Biological Age Test Review

Clock Foundation’s GrimAge Biological Age Test Review

Epigenetic age test provides information beyond biological age

Arise Sir-Tuin: Why sirtuins are the knights battling ageing

Arise Sir-Tuin: Why sirtuins are the knights battling ageing

The what, where and how sirtuins work at the cellular level to impact ageing

GlycanAge Biological Age Test Review

GlycanAge Biological Age Test Review

What can your glycome tell you about your true age?

TruDiagnostic TruAge Biological Age Test Review

TruDiagnostic TruAge Biological Age Test Review

Adrian tries out this home epigenetic test and is impressed with the level of detail in the reports

What Happened to Plain-Old Biology?!

What Happened to Plain-Old Biology?!

Branches of biology diagram showing all things bio

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Key points from more of the excellent speakers at the summit


Gut instinct: Toddler microbiota linked to future obesity risk

The Guardian - 19-May-2023

Better understanding of composition and changes of gut microbiome could lead to potential interventions

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