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Ageing Research

Fundamental ageing research used to be a slow, unexciting, area of academia, with all the big names and money looking at specific diseases. But now that people have realised that most age-related diseases have a shared cause (aging, who'd have thought it?) it's becoming big business. Private money is being invested in biotech start-ups, which is great, but there is still plenty of basic (and by that I don't mean simple) research to do to increase our understanding of the very complex products and processes of ageing.

Sometimes I prefer to call this "anti-ageing research" - because nobody is researching how to speed it up!

A note on spelling - Ageing or Aging?

According to Cambridge Dictionary: UK = ageing, US = aging

Being a UK-based club, the preference is to spell it with an "e" - but as most publications use the US version (and it's quicker to type!), realistically, it is used interchangeably throughout the site.



Pre-clinical stage therapeutics company focused on low-cost gut health testing and microbiome modulators.


Ask Me Anything hosted by Sergey Young, and Sourav Sinha


Online event about latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging organized by University of Copenhagen chaired by Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, Daniela Bakula and Alex Zhavoronkov, and with many speakers.


Modernizing the longevity insurance industry with molecular biotechnology.


Online event about epigenetic clocks and how they affect aging in health and disease organized by The Royal Society of Medicine, with key speakers Claudio Franceschi, Steve Horvath, Cathal McCrory and David A. Sinclair.


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.


Book about microbiome written by Alessio Fasano.


Microbiologist at the University of Liverpool studying ageing using computational and experimental approaches.


Online webinar focused on longevity extension without health related issues organized by The New York Academy of Sciences with Nir Barzilai and Pinchas Cohen as keynote speakers.

Longevity Leaders World Congress 2021
04-May-2021 to 07-May-2021

The virtual event for leaders in longevity science, technology, business and finance organized by Longevity Leaders (LSX).

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Youthful gut microbiome rejuvenates ageing immune system

Fight Aging! - 05-May-2021

Restoring gut microbial health can reverse declining age-related immune fitness


Food odour nullifies lifespan benefits of dietary restriction in nematodes (LEAF) - 29-Apr-2021

You may have to avoid smelling, not just eating, food for CR to be effective


Intermittent fasting improves gut health to lower high blood pressure

Baylor College of Medicine - 29-Apr-2021

Correcting gut dysbiosis alters bile acid levels & may help manage hypertension in rats

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