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General news on the progress in aging and longevity research.


Longevity FAQ: A beginner's guide to longevity research - Laura Deming (Longevity Fund)

Longevity Research Institute -
Committed to finding treatments that demonstrably extend human lifespan by 2030

The Hallmarks of Aging - Cell
This Review enumerates nine tentative hallmarks that represent common denominators of aging in different organisms, with special emphasis on mammalian aging.

Recent News

Stealthy Harvard startup wants to reverse aging

Technology Review - 09-May-2018

Rejuvenate Bio is cofounded by George Church of Harvard Medical School.

Undoing Aging 2018: an initiative to remember

Long Long Life - 22-Mar-2018

45 speakers, scientists and entrepreneurs, presented their work.

Harvard’s David Sinclair Treats Aging as a Disease

W Xpress - 07-Mar-2018

WuXi interviews Harvard University’s David Sinclair