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Fundamental ageing research used to be a slow, unexciting, area of academia, with all the big names and money looking at specific diseases. But now that people have realised that most age-related diseases have a shared cause (aging, who'd have thought it?) it's becoming big business. Private money is being invested in biotech start-ups, which is great, but there is still plenty of basic (and by that I don't mean simple) research to do to increase our understanding of the very complex products and processes of ageing.

Sometimes I prefer to call this "anti-ageing research" - because nobody is researching how to speed it up!

A note on spelling - Ageing or Aging?

According to Cambridge Dictionary: UK = ageing, US = aging

Being a UK-based club, the preference is to spell it with an "e" - but as most publications use the US version (and it's quicker to type!), realistically, it is used interchangeably throughout the site.


Company BioNTech - Company developing patient-specific immunotherapies for cancer.

Book Genes and aging - Amazon

Institute SENS Research Foundation

Journal Nature Aging - Journal spanning the entire spectrum of research into aging

Publisher Aging Matters - Weekly blog on ageing science by Josh Mitteldorf

Academic Daria Khaltourina - Founding Member of International Longevity Alliance. Promoted aging as an ICD11 disease as WHO.

Company Kite Pharma - Company that develops cancer immunotherapy products.

Book The Abolition of Aging: The forthcoming radical extension of healthy human longevity - The Abolition of Aging presents interesting new views on the topic of the prevention of aging. - Amazon

Company GDF11 Rejuvination, Inc - Reversing Aging using GDF11.

Health Organisation NadMD - Therapy for aging reversal.

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