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3rd biggest killer in the US


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AHA/ASA Journals

Publisher of medical journals focused on heart diseases and stroke

The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC)

Center of heart attack and stroke prevention based in Spokane, Washington.


Company which is part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, is a global leader in neurovascular care.

Stroke Association

Charity in the UK that works to prevent stroke and to support everyone touched by stroke.

American Stroke Association

Division of the American Heart Association dedicated to prevention, diagnosis and treatment to save lives from stroke.

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Recent News

Novel robotic system measures arm use for better therapy in stroke patients

Tech Xplore - 28-Nov-2023

AI to track arm movements after stroke, helping survivors regain strength and independence


Scientists find a new way to replace lost neurons after stroke

Kyushu University - 17-Oct-2023

Microglia conversion sparks a paradigm shift in stroke treatment


New AI-powered trousers help paralysed patients walk again

BBC - 15-Aug-2023

NeuroSkin mirrors the impulses sent to a healthy leg and recreates movement in the weakened leg


Sleep struggles boost stroke risk, particularly among under 50s, study suggests

Independent - 07-Jun-2023

Insomnia symptoms can increase the likelihood of stroke, highlighting the potential benefits of improved sleep therapies


New study reported the benefits of drinking of tea or coffee

Independent - 17-Nov-2021

Drinking coffee and tea reduces the risk of dementia and ischaemic stroke

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