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Big Data

More data is being generated than can be analysed - but enough of it is being studied to spot patterns in behaviour and genes to speed up drug discovery and development.

Though the data scientists need to make sure they feed in the right data. For example, in a study designed to detect hip fractures, it turned out the AI was using the patient's age and particularly the imaging device model to make its prediction. This worked because portable scanners are only used then the patient is too immobile to get to a hospital - and this limitation turned out to be a bigger indicator than any details on the image itself.



Company providing artificial intelligence application for skincare.

Company Representative

Managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures


AMA with Sergey Young, Alex Zhavoronkov and Sourav Sinha


Artificial Intelligence for the impartial analysis of skin health & testing the efficiency of anti-aging products.


AI platform for professionals.


Combating aging and associated diseases. An Alphabet (Google) subsidiary.


AI to track the rate of ageing at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels


AI-powered biotechnology company.

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