Artificial Organs

Artificial organs - better than the original?

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Recent News

FDA approves bionic pancreas for home-use study - 22-May-2018

iLet device is a dual-hormone artificial pancreas. FDA has approved used in the homes of people with type 1 diabetes. Can deliver insulin, glucagon or a combination, but just insulin for trial. Beta Bionics hopesiLet will launch in 2020.

Bionic sphincter controller close to human trial phase

Sun Sentinel - 09-Apr-2018

Precision Medical Devices have developed the Flow Control Device. A Bluetooth-operated bionic sphincter controller. Potential to help 40 million people with urinary incontinence. Implanted valve designed to fit around the urethra. Surgery to implant the device should last no longer than 35 minutes. Already implanted in dogs - planning human trials next year. Hoping for approval of the device for human patients by 2020. Larger valve versions could help patients who have had colostomies.

Artificial eye mimics blinking

Science News - 20-Feb-2018

University of Pennsylvania used human cells to build a model of the surface of the eye. Synthetic eye is equipped with a fake eyelid that mimics blinking. Grew a ring of conjunctival cells around a circle of corneal cells on a contact lens. Eyelid made of a thin hydrogel film spreads tear fluid over the cells. Could help researchers study dry eye disease and test eye drop medications.