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Life Expectancy

News and resources on current life expectancy - lets see how it changes over time

Congratulations - you've survived another year... unfortunately your risk of dying goes up another 9% next year, and every year after that - that's why at the moment you can't beat the exponential risk of death.


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Recent News

World's oldest man dies aged 116 - RIP Fredie Blom

BBC - 22-Aug-2020

A great example of compressed morbidity - Fredie was still active 2 weeks before his death


What are the odds of living up to 100 years?

Fight Aging! - 25-Jun-2020

Study of environmental factors leading to becoming centenarian opposes previous literature


Longevity in Blue Zones - key ingredients for a longer life

BBC - 13-May-2020

May be it's not just one factor but a combination of all the right factors

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