Life Expectancy

News and resources on current life expectancy - lets see how it changes over time

Congratulations - you've survived another year... unfortunately your risk of dying goes up another 9% next year, and every year after that - that's why at the moment you can't beat the exponential risk of death.


Life Expectancy graphs and maps - Our World in Data

Life expectancy: 120,000 numbers in just four minutes - BBC News
Fascinating data visualisation of life expectancy for 200 countries over 200 years.

Human Mortality Database - various institutions
Contains original calculations of death rates and life tables for national populations as well as the input data used in constructing those tables.

Recent News

Footballers have a high risk of death from neurodegenerative diseases

BBC - 22-Oct-2019

Except for neurodegenerative diseases, ex-footballers are less likely to die from other diseases


The lowest mortality levels ever recorded

LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) - 16-Oct-2019

Good news – recent quarterly statistics suggest that UK life expectancy is no longer stalled


Life expectancy gains have slowed

BBC - 04-Oct-2019

In Japan, life expectancy gains have been bigger than in the UK in recent years

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