Life Expectancy

News and resources on current life expectancy - lets see how it changes over time

Congratulations - you've survived another year... unfortunately your risk of dying goes up another 9% next year, and every year after that - that's why at the moment you can't beat the exponential risk of death.


Resource Life expectancy: 120,000 numbers in just four minutes - Fascinating data visualisation of life expectancy for 200 countries over 200 years

Resource International Longevity Centre UK

Resource UK Longevity Explorer (UbbLE)

Resource Our World in Data

Resource Life Expectancy graphs and maps

Resource Human Mortality Database

Recent News

UK resident takes over as world's oldest man at 112

Guardian - 31-Mar-2020

He has kept active through-out his retirement and doesn't look a day over 80!


Female of the species always outlives the males

BBC - 24-Mar-2020

Humans more equal than most species because less of an environmental effect


Study determines impact of lifestyle choices on expected age of death

Fight Aging! - 18-Mar-2020

Easier to understand in years, rather than percentages. Whole milk a surprisingly big factor.

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