Life Expectancy

News and resources on current life expectancy - lets see how it changes over time

Congratulations - you've survived another year... unfortunately your risk of dying goes up another 9% next year, and every year after that - that's why at the moment you can't beat the exponential risk of death.


Life Expectancy graphs and maps - Our World in Data

Life expectancy: 120,000 numbers in just four minutes - BBC News
Fascinating data visualisation of life expectancy for 200 countries over 200 years.

Human Mortality Database - various institutions
Contains original calculations of death rates and life tables for national populations as well as the input data used in constructing those tables.

Recent News

Billionaires accumulating more wealth and youthfulness

Telegraph - 07-Mar-2019

Automation and longevity therapies may amplify social disparities


UK life expectancy falls 6 months in a year

Guardian - 07-Mar-2019

Over 1 year down in last 3 years - this is not good news


World’s oldest man dies in Japan aged 113

Guardian - 20-Jan-2019

Medicine increases healthspan; only life extension technologies will increase maximum lifespan

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