This section will maintain key information and medical advancements relating to cancer – how to prevent it and what treatments are available.

Not every new story - just major breakthroughs and studies on ways to prevent. Particularly will be focusing on research results in humans - lots of promising treatments unfortunately never make it from the lab, through human trials, and onto the market.

Did you know? A handful of your cells turn cancerous EVERY DAY - but your immune system tracks them down and kills them before they turn into large-scale cancer.


Resource Cancer genomics - Part of the 100,000 Genomes Project run by Genomics England

Resource The Warning Signs of Skin Cancer - Learn to spot the early warning signs

Resource Masonic Cancer Centre - Cancer institute focused on the causes, prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer.

Resource CoppaFeel! - Breast cancer awareness charity.

Resource Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Cancer Research Center for the elimination of cancer and related diseases

Resource City of Hope National Medical Center - Center for cancer research, including diagnosis and treatments.

Resource International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) - Agency for cancer research, prevention and control of cancer.

Resource The Lancet Oncology - Journal providing information relevant to cancer specialists

Resource EarlyCDT - Lung - Test for early lung cancer detection.

Resource Oncimmune - Immunodiagnostic for detection and care of cancer.

Recent News

'One-size-fits-all' new cancer treatment

BBC - 20-Jan-2020

Good to see a new approach to tackle cancer, but this is a long way from trials


Treating cancer with salt nanoparticles in mouse model

Nano Magazine - 08-Jan-2020

Acts more on cancer cells compared to normal cells and eliminates them


Placental stem cell derived NK cells are effective against multiple myeloma

Myeloma Research News - 08-Jan-2020

Preliminary results from Phase 1 trial look promising

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