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This section will maintain key information and medical advancements relating to cancer – how to prevent it and what treatments are available.

Not every new story - just major breakthroughs and studies on ways to prevent. Particularly will be focusing on research results in humans - lots of promising treatments unfortunately never make it from the lab, through human trials, and onto the market.

Did you know? A handful of your cells turn cancerous EVERY DAY - but your immune system tracks them down and kills them before they turn into large-scale cancer.


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Creates SkinVision app to diagnose possible melanoma skin cancer symptoms.

Atropos Therapeutics

Biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing drugs against aging disorders and cancer.


Company that target cancer by developing senescence inducing and senolytic (senescent cell killing) compounds.

MAIA Biotechnology

Company developing new drugs to help people with cancer.

Rebel Cell: Cancer, Evolution, and the Science of Life


Book about cancer written by Dr Kat Arney

GeneCare Research Institute

Institute researching and developing drug discovery in the fields of cancer and inflammation

Champion Oncology

Drug discovery and development company focused on cancer patients


Company developing patient-specific immunotherapies for cancer.

Could DNA nanorobots cure cancer

DNA nanobots will soon be tried in a critically ill leukemia patient

Presage Biosciences

Company that develops a technology platform to improve the cancer drug development process

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Cancer Blog Posts

New cancer therapies in 2022 achieving unprecedented remissions - reviewing a year of hope

New cancer therapies in 2022 achieving unprecedented remissions - reviewing a year of hope

Including gene editing, immunotherapy, modified viruses, vaccines, personalised medicine, and nanotechnology

SkinVision App Review – Instant Spot/Mole Assessment

SkinVision App Review – Instant Spot/Mole Assessment

Provides an early warning or peace of mind – good value for money either way

Recent News

iKnife can diagnose endometrial cancer within seconds, paves way for new diagnostic pathways

The Guardian - 03-Jan-2023

Getting diagnosis within seconds could enable women confirmed to have cancer start treatment sooner


Therapeutic applications of base editing clears girl's leukemia

BBC - 11-Dec-2022

Base editing can soon be a part in taking control of our genomes to fight genetic diseases


Researchers found a missing genetic link that helps melanoma cells defeat mortality

EurekAlert! - 10-Nov-2022

Mutations in a telomere binding protein provide a new approach to treat melanoma and other cancers


Understanding air pollution cancer would lead to a new era of molecular cancer prevention

BBC - 10-Sep-2022

Mutations alone are not always enough for tumour formation


Pharmashots interviews Laurent Levy about cancer-killing radiotherapy enhancers

Pharmashots - 10-Aug-2022

NBTXR3 might give hope to patients who are ineligible for certain chemotheraphy

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