Regenerative Medicine

Covering lab grown and engineered replacement human organs and well as mechanical artificial organs.

See also: artificial organs and prosthetics.


Company Skorpion Engineering - Rapid Prototyping, Rapid manufacturing, Design & Co-Design, Finishes & Services.

Company PolarityTE - Company focused on discovering, designing and developing a range of regenerative tissue products.

Company IBI S.A. - Biomedical company focused on research, development and production of medical devices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Company The HEALinc - Company focused on prevention of disease, regenerative medicine and cutting-edge innovation in health care delivery.

Health Organisation Paradigm Wellness Medical Group - Experts in regenerative medicine and science.

Company Betalin Therapeutics - Develops Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP) as a cell therapy solution for insulin-dependent diabetes

Company ViaCyte - Regenerative medicine company dedicated to developing a functional cure for type 1 diabetes.

Company RepliCel - Regenerative medicine company developing autologous cell therapies.

Company CollPlant - Regenerative and aesthetic medicine company focused on medical aesthetics and 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs.

Institute Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) | BioFabUSA - BioFabUSA integrates innovative cell and tissue cultures.

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Recent News

Method to regenerate joint cartilage in adults, discovered

Stanford School of Medicine - 17-Aug-2020

Principle tested and a success in mice and humans, to ease arthritis in the future


Researchers grow gut organoids to identify protein critical for repair

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 27-Jul-2020

NRG1 treatment boosted activity of gut stem cells - could help protect gut during chemotherapy


3D-printed Lego-inspired bricks, to heal broken bones

Medical Xpress - 25-Jul-2020

Tested some aspects in rats, could make lab-made organs for human transplant possible

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