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Regenerative Medicine

Covering lab grown and engineered replacement human organs and well as mechanical artificial organs.

See also: artificial organs and prosthetics.


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Medicine company that develops biologic products for the broad field of regenerative medicine


Medical device and biotechnology company with focus on regenerative cells

Maharaj Institute (MIIRM)

Maharaj Institute provides immune regenerative medicine for stem cell treatment and prevention

The HEALinc

Company focused on prevention of disease, regenerative medicine and cutting-edge innovation in health care delivery.

AgeX Therapeutics

Biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics for age-related degenerative disease

The Ageless Generation: How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy


The Ageless Generation by Alex Zhavoronkov is an engaging work that causes us to rethink our ideas of age and ability in the modern world


Company focused on medical research and development for tissue-level regeneration


Organ regeneration using a patient's lymph nodes as bioreactors to grow ectopic organs


Regenerative medicine company dedicated to developing a functional cure for type 1 diabetes.

Replacing Aging


Jean Hébert outlines how aging will soon be reversible as a result of the advances in regenerative medicine

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Recent News

Evolved.Bio pioneers a scaffold-free method to regenerate muscle tissue - 10-Nov-2023

Offering hope for individuals with significant muscle damage

Read more... reveals early pipeline of regenerative medicine candidates

Endpoints News - 08-Nov-2023

Lead program bbHEP01 targets severe acute liver failure, with phase I trial planned for 2025


LyGenesis raises $19 million to grow organs inside lymph nodes

Juvenescence - 24-Oct-2023

Company's innovative approach could revolutionise organ transplantation


Scientists find a new way to replace lost neurons after stroke

Kyushu University - 17-Oct-2023

Microglia conversion sparks a paradigm shift in stroke treatment


Dimension Inx's CMFlex 3D printing brings a new way to repair bones

3D Printing Industry - 16-Oct-2023

Structure promotes bone healing in oral and maxillofacial surgeries

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