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Regenerative Medicine

Covering lab grown and engineered replacement human organs and well as mechanical artificial organs.

See also: artificial organs and prosthetics.

Regenerative Medicine News

LyGenesis aims to grow a second liver within patient's own body

Interesting Engineering - 03-Apr-2024

Scientists injected liver cells into a patient's lymph node, aiming to create a "mini liver"


Scientists successfully transplant genetically modified pig kidney into a living human

New Scientist - 21-Mar-2024

This procedure marks a major milestone in xenotransplantation


A new drug targeting liver cell growth shows excellent safety results in humans

HepaRegeniX GmbH - 15-Mar-2024

This could change the way we treat liver cancer and address transplant organ shortages


Regenerative hearing drug shows promise in early clinical trials

University College London (UCL) - 05-Mar-2024

Drug LY3056480 didn't fix hearing completely but 45% participants showed better results

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Regenerative Medicine Resources

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Korro Bio

RNA editing, leveraging natural processes common to all multi-cellular organisms, merged with Frequency Therapeutics


Medicine company that develops biologic products for the broad field of regenerative medicine


Medical device and biotechnology company with focus on regenerative cells

Maharaj Institute (MIIRM)

Maharaj Institute provides immune regenerative medicine for stem cell treatment and prevention

The HEALinc

Company focused on prevention of disease, regenerative medicine and cutting-edge innovation in health care delivery.

AgeX Therapeutics

Biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics for age-related degenerative disease

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