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Lots of interest currently into relationship of telomere length on aging - or vice versa.

Telomeres are a  region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at the end of chromosone which reduce in length over time - therefore hinting they may be involved in the aging prcess, i.e. length reduces to zero and cell blows up (I'm simplifying slightly!)


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Finger prick blood DNA test provides your Average Telomere Length (ATL)

The Telomerase Revolution


Book written by Michael Fossel speaks about the Enzyme That Holds the Key to Human Aging and Will Lead to Longer, Healthier Lives

The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer


The Telomere Effect written by Elissa Epel and Elizabeth Blackburn will make you reassess how you live your life on a day-to-day basis

Telomere Diagnostics

Company that develops DNA testing applications to measure cellular age for telomere health

Sierra Sciences

Company devoted to extend the human lifespan and health span through telomere maintenance.

Life Length

Provides telomere testing and diagnostics

SpectraCell Laboratories

Laboratories offering tests for nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular risk and genetic testing.

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Do telomere length tests really reveal your biological age?

Do telomere length tests really reveal your biological age?

Rate of shortening, shape and method of testing are all important factors

Recent News

Green neighborhoods linked to longer lives and slower ageing

The Guardian - 01-Dec-2023

Every 5% increase in green space adds 1% younger cells to your body


New mice with human-like telomeres could help us fight ageing and cancer

The Jerusalem Post - 30-Oct-2023

Model could be used to study the role of telomere length in several diseases


Regular jogging or running could help to keep cells younger and healthier

Live Forever Club - 26-Oct-2023

Jogging or running for at least 75 minutes per week linked to longer telomeres


Rejuvenation Technologies raises $10.6M to develop anti-ageing therapies

Longevity Technology - 07-Sep-2023

A single dose of mRNA therapy could rewind ageing and extend lifespan


Telos Biotech parent, Cambrian Bio, to develop robust cell therapies for treating age-related diseases

Longevity Technology - 27-Jun-2023

Novel recombinant protein to manufacture biologically fit cells by safely lengthening telomeres

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