Lots of interest currently into relationship of telomere length on aging - or vice versa.

Telomeres are a  region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at the end of chromosone which reduce in length over time - therefore hinting they may be involved in the aging prcess, i.e. length reduces to zero and cell blows up (I'm simplifying slightly!)


Telomere length testing kit - Titanovo
Measured in relative T/S and in absolute length in kbp (kilobasepairs)

TeloYears - finger prick blood DNA test provides your Average Telomere Length (ATL)

Recent News

Exercise lengthens telomeres (slows aging)

NHS - 29-Nov-2018

Endurance and interval training groups saw telomeres increase by over 3%.


2018 Telomere Length Update by Liz Parrish

Bioviva Science - 24-Sep-2018

A case of muscular and cellular rejuvenation thanks to myostatin and telomerase therapies


Telomerase Gene Therapy Does Not Increase Cancer Risk

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 27-Aug-2018

New research proves telomerase therapy's safety by making its effects within the cell temporary

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