How will society cope with people living forever? If society doesn't survive, then you don't survive... technology giveth, and technology taketh away!

Lots in the news at the moment about AI and robots taking over our jobs - but if Ian Pearson is right that we'll soon be able to live comfortably with no pension then maybe we won't need one? Maybe everybody will be part of a world parliament or an "internet of people" (IOP) - I'm trademarking that one!!


According to David Wood of London Futurists if death stopped tomorrow it would take a hundred years to double the planet's population - that does give us a long time to figure out how to solve the overpopulation problem.


Collapse: How societies choose to fail or Succeed - Jared Diamond

National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies (2017 Edition) - UK Government
Explains the risks of major emergencies that could affect the UK in the next five years and provides resilience advice and guidance.

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