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How will society cope with people living forever? If society doesn't survive, then you don't survive... technology giveth, and technology taketh away!

Lots in the news at the moment about AI and robots taking over our jobs - but if Ian Pearson is right that we'll soon be able to live comfortably with no pension then maybe we won't need one? Maybe everybody will be part of a world parliament or an "internet of people" (IOP) - I'm trademarking that one!!

Society News

Doomsday clock - 100 ticks away from midnight

Guardian - 23-Jan-2020

Too close to our own end and still we are not doing enough to prevent it


Manmade glacier stores water to be used during low rainfall

New Scientist - 22-Jan-2020

Melting of natural glaciers has become erratic due to climate change


Computers and robots could automate 1.5 million jobs

BBC - 25-Mar-2019

Percentage of workers in primary industry massively reduced in last century - not necessarily a bad thing


Billionaires accumulating more wealth and youthfulness

Telegraph - 07-Mar-2019

Automation and longevity therapies may amplify social disparities


What if the rich lived forever?

Korea Times - 19-Aug-2018

New research may promote social inequality by allowing the rich live forever

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Immortality: The Quest To Live Forever and How It Drives Civilisation


A fascinating work of popular philosophy and history that both enlightens and entertains written by Stephen Cave

National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies (2017 Edition)

Info that explains the risks of major emergencies that could affect the UK

Collapse: How societies choose to fail or Survive


Book about collapse societies written by academic and popular science author Jared Diamond

Aging in World History


In Aging in World History, author David G. Troyansky presents the first global history of aging

Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives


Book written by Ilia Stambler considering the multidisciplinary aspects of longevity promotion

Suicide Club


How does society react when the vision of biological immortality has become reality, but has not yet fully arrived, written by Rachel Heng

The Ministry for the Future


Science fiction book about climate changes written by Kim Stanley Robinson

London Futurists

Looking to the future impact of technology on society and heatlh and everything

Future of Ageing 2020: Together for tomorrow


Annual conference by the International Longevity Centre (virtual)

International Longevity Centre UK

UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next

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Homo Deus - review and quotes

Homo Deus - review and quotes

The history of mankind and society - then looking to the future where dataism ousts the need for humans

Empire State of Mind (and Body)

Empire State of Mind (and Body)

manipulation over the Opportunities opened up with human genetic engineering need to be regulated global to avoid exploitation

Inequality and Threat

Inequality and Threat

A look at the risk of inequality between rich and poor being polarised to extreme