3D Printing

3D printing new artificial or totally regenerated organs will be a key medical technology in living forever. Manufacturing completely personalised metal implants is already here that perfectly fit a patient's anatomy. And bioprinting new body parts, using stem cells and bioinks, that incorporate different cells and blood vessels are being developed all around the world.

3D printers can also create personalised drugs that can combine multiple active ingredients in a single pill, with a physical structure designed to release the contents at a rate ideal for each patient.

Other uses in healthcare include personalised prosthetics, manufacturing of sterile surgical tools at a reduced cost, and printing models of organs and bones to help surgeons prepare for complex surgery.


Resource FabRx - Specialist biotech company developing 3D printing technology for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Resource 3D Bioprinting Solutions - Biotechnology company focused on 3D bioprinting.

Resource Biolife4D - Company fighting against heart diseases by printing artificial heart.

Resource Biogelx

Recent News

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Agência FAPESP - 18-Dec-2019

Soon it may be possible to print a liver in 90 days instead of waiting for a transplant


A new breakthrough in the regenerative medicine

TechRadar - 04-Nov-2019

Using a fluid matrix instead of a solid support structure may be the solution of bioprinting


Heart transplantation could become as easy as changing watch batteries

Futurism - 09-Sep-2019

Mini heart can be used for testing different drugs effects on the heart muscles

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