Senescent Cells

Senescent cell clearance could be one of the big treatments to at least slow down one of the underlying causes of aging.

Senescent cells have stopped dividing and, even worse, secrete tens of biologically active proteins, including pro-inflammatory factors, proteases, pro-fibrotic factors and growth factors. This Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) can induce senescence in neighbouring cells and is associated with many age-related diseases.

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Recent News

Natural product Fisetin slows aging in mice

ScienceDaily - 02-Oct-2018

Fisetin reduces level of senescent cells in the body.

Senolytics staves off dementia in mice

Guardian - 19-Sep-2018

Research in mice shows that senescent cells contribute to neurodegeneration.

Molecule has anti-aging effects on vascular system

Medical Xpress - 10-Sep-2018

Researchers identified a small molecule that is produced by calorie restriction.