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Senescent Cells

Senescent cell clearance could be one of the big treatments to at least slow down one of the underlying causes of aging.

Senescent cells have stopped dividing and, even worse, secrete tens of biologically active proteins, including pro-inflammatory factors, proteases, pro-fibrotic factors and growth factors. This Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) can induce senescence in neighbouring cells and is associated with many age-related diseases.

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Company that develops and invests in drugs and technologies which prolong human lifespan.


Company that target cancer by developing senescence inducing and senolytic (senescent cell killing) compounds.

Deciduous Therapeutics

Company developing a novel class of immune-modulatory therapies designed to promote a healthy lifespan.

UNITY Biotechnology

Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health

SIWA Therapeutics

Biotechnology company producing therapy that targets and destroys senescent cells.

Senolytic Therapeutics (Senolytx)

Pharmaceutical company that develops a novel class of medicines by targeting damaged cells.


University of Exeter spinout aiming to develop senotherapeutic interventions

Rubedo Life Sciences

Extending Health Span and Reverting Age-Related Diseases.

Oisin Biotechnologies

Drug development company focused on the senolytic technology to fight age-related diseases

Cleara Biotech

Cleara is developing therapeutics to eliminate senescent cells.

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Recent News

Novel experiment explores a new way of reducing senescent cell burden

Live Forever Club - 12-Nov-2022

BDNF-TrkB pathway shows a lot of promise in lowering senescent cells in older organs


Senolytics-a risky proposition in aging and repair mechanisms (LEAF) - 19-Oct-2022

The study is a caution for scientists engaging in self-experimentation with senolytics


$2.5M seed financing round closed by Cleara Biotech-targets cellular senescence

Longevity Technology - 03-Oct-2022

Cleara’s novel FOXO4-based treatment approach-ability to eliminate biomarker-positive scarred cells


Regenerative therapies and senolytics help to rejuvenate the heart’s capacity to regenerate

Longevity Technology - 17-Aug-2022

Eliminating senescent cells rejuvenates the heart's capacity for regeneration in mice


Data from Phase 2 BEHOLD study of UBX1325 in DME patients-Unity Biotechnology

Ophthalmology Times - 12-Aug-2022

Statistically significant treatment effect for both BCVA and CST was seen at both 12 and 18 weeks

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