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Senescent Cells

Senescent cell clearance could be one of the big treatments to at least slow down one of the underlying causes of aging.

Senescent cells are aging cells that have stopped dividing but do not die off as they should. Instead, they linger in the body, secreting harmful chemicals (senescence associated secretory phenotype, or SASP) that can lead to inflammation and damage surrounding tissues. This process is thought to contribute to various age-related diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative conditions, as well as to the overall aging process itself. The accumulation of senescent cells is believed to impair tissue function and promote a range of chronic conditions, thereby negatively impacting health and potentially reducing life expectancy.

To combat the adverse effects of senescent cells, researchers are developing senotherapeutics, drugs designed to target and manage these cells in several ways. 

Senolytics are drugs that selectively induce death in senescent cells. By eliminating senescent cells, senolytics aim to reduce inflammation and improve tissue function. Various compounds, including dasatinib, quercetin, and navitoclax, have shown promise in preclinical and some early clinical trials.

Senomorphics, on the other hand, do not kill senescent cells. Instead, they suppress the SASP produced by these cells or alter their function to mitigate their detrimental effects on the body. This approach aims to reduce inflammation and tissue damage without necessarily removing the senescent cells.

Senoblockers are designed to interfere with the signaling pathways that allow cells to enter or maintain the senescent state. By blocking these pathways, senoblockers aim to prevent the accumulation of senescent cells or revert them to a less harmful state. 

The development and use of these therapies face challenges, including ensuring specificity to target only senescent cells without harming normal cells, and understanding the long-term effects of altering the body's natural aging processes. Despite these challenges, the field of senotherapeutics holds significant promise for improving human health and longevity.

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