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Medical Technology

What's new in medical technology related to living forever? Although it will be the underlying biotechnology that cures ageing, we'll need plenty of new technology along the way to apply new treatments and to keep us healthy.

Click the links below for news and information on specific subjects as as big data (using AI to diagnose disease), nanobots (precision guided drug delivery) and robotic surgery (not as exciting as it sounds... yet).

Read more about: 3D Printing, Big Data, Digital Health, Digital Modeling, Laboratory Automation, Nanobots, Personalised Medicine, Precision Medicine, Robotic Surgery, Synthetic Biology.



Company discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines to patients with serious diseases.


Drug discovery and development company.


Digital health company providing personalized care for each individual.


Artificial Intelligence for the impartial analysis of skin health & testing the efficiency of anti-aging products.


Smart home monitoring solutions for ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly.

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Recent News

Johnson & Johnson unveil a new robotic platform 'Ottava'

MassDevice - 19-Nov-2020

Plan to integrate it with their FDA approved Monarch robotic surgical system


Magnetic spray transforms objects into lifesaving robots

New Scientist - 18-Nov-2020

Scientists made mini robots that work under magnetic field to deliver pills


Scientists manufactures artificial organoids using automation

Lab Manager - 11-Nov-2020

Semi-automating tissue differentiation makes artificial tissues at a faster rate

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