Medical Technology

What's new in medical technology related to living forever? Although it will be the underlying biotechnology that cures ageing, we'll need plenty of new technology along the way to apply new treatments and to keep us healthy.

Click the links below for news and information on specific subjects as as big data (using AI to diagnose disease), nanobots (precision guided drug delivery) and robotic surgery (not as exciting as it sounds... yet).

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Resource Precision Medical Devices - Leaders in developing devices for incontinence control.

Resource Humon - Wearable muscle oxygen sensor for athletes.

Resource Muse - Device that translates mental activity into the sounds of weather.

Resource Withings - Smart devices health company.

Resource Accuray - Radiation company that develops, produces & sells precise, innovative treatment solutions that aims to help cancer patients.

Resource ReShape Lifesciences - Company developing minimally invasive medical devices to treat obesity and metabolic diseases.

Resource SensoDX - Medical device company providing assessment for many different conditions.

Resource Battelle Inc. - Applied science and technology development company.

Resource Zealand Pharma - Biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of peptide-based medicines.

Resource Amazentis - Company focused to clinical development of naturally derived bioactives.

Recent News

Smart toilet can detect health conditions through AI camera

Independent - 07-Apr-2020

Promising tech for personalized health monitoring via analysis of excreta


Blood test as multi-cancer detection tool

BBC - 31-Mar-2020

More to look forward as it promises early cancer detection when fine-tuned


COVID-19 advanced testing lab created by UC Berkeley scientists

University of California, Berkeley - 30-Mar-2020

In response to mass testing needs, they employ robotics and automation for accuracy and speed

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