Medical Technology

What's new in medical technology related to living forever? Although it will be the underlying biotechnology that cures ageing, we'll need plenty of new technology along the way to apply new treatments and to keep us healthy.

Click the links below for news and information on specific subjects as as big data (using AI to diagnose disease), nanobots (precision guided drug delivery) and robotic surgery (not as exciting as it sounds... yet).

Recent News

Machine learning identifies patients risk of cardiovascular death

GEEK - 13-Sep-2019

RiskCardio relies on 15 minutes of a patient’s raw electrocardiogram (ECG) signal


Patient on the operating table, while surgeon 20 miles away

Futurism - 11-Sep-2019

Robotic surgery increases patients access to medical help and decreases their time for treatment


New blood test can detect lung cancer before symptoms show up

BBC - 10-Sep-2019

Detects 50% more early stage lung cancers and being expanded to detect other types

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