Medical Technology

What's new in medical technology related to living forever? Although it will be the underlying biotechnology that cures ageing, we'll need plenty of new technology along the way to apply new treatments and to keep us healthy


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Recent News

Tech bosses at Davos predict 21st century medical revolution

Telegraph - 24-Jan-2018

Expect long-awaited breakthroughs in fight against cancer and diabetes. Technology is moving so quickly that it is almost impossible to imagine what would take place. Life-expectancy of 120 will be commonplace in our lifetime. Wearable sleeves will become essential in monitoring patient health. 5G networks will make remote diagnosis possible.

Smartphone ‘orders’ body to treat diabetes using optogenetics

BBC - 29-Apr-2017

Smartphone used to control blood sugar levels in mice with diabetes. Mice were genetically engineered to manufacture drugs that control blood sugar levels in response to light Could be applied to a wide range of diseases and drug treatments.

Doctors use deep-brain ultrasound therapy to treat tremors

BBC - 09-Dec-2016

Patient suffered from uncontrollable tremors in his right hand. Used MRI guided focused ultrasound to destroy tissue causing mistimed electrical signals. Machine at St Mary’s uses 1,024 high-intensity, focused ultrasound beams. Performed in the imaging department and did not involve surgeons. Treatment is completely non-invasive and doesn’t require unpleasant drugs. Around one million people in the UK suffer from tremors.