Brain Interface

Whether to improve our cognition or as a lasts desperate attempt to survive while waiting for better bodies to replace our ailing ones, brain interfaces which allow us to communicate directly with technology are already on their way. Experiments have been performed with monkeys thousands of miles apart with one brain controlling the other monkey's actions. At the moment it takes months of training and computer learning to determine which signals do what, but with the ever exponential increase in computing power that time will be significantly reduced in future.

So rather than asking Siri out loud how many calories in a banana, perhaps one day just thinking the question will be enough for a flood of information to appear in your mind ready for you do dive into and review?

This section will keep you up to date with the latest developments and real world examples of the continuing blurring between man and machine.

Recent News

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Newsweek - 03-Oct-2018

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ABC News - 25-Jul-2018

Conjoined twins have separate brains but can communicate thoughts.