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Respiratory Disease

Influenza, pneumonia, air pollution One of the preventable big killers – though preventable in a difficult way that you may have to sacrifice your job, community and city life to avoid it.

I’ll keep track on these pages of big studies on mortality and also any studies on effectiveness of masks or other measures that could reduce the impact.

Consumer Grade Air Quality Monitors

Must be able to monitor PM2.5

Respiratory Disease News

Clear skies, clear lungs: Asthma emergencies dropped as air quality improved during lockdown

The Guardian - 09-Feb-2024

Insights from Oxford study calls for continued action to improve air quality everywhere


Forget pills, imagine inhaling your medicine directly to your lungs

New Scientist - 07-Feb-2024

New "nano-pods" carrying antibiotics fight infections in the lungs of mice


Hold on Europe! Cleaning up the polluted air later could mean thousands deaths sooner

The Guardian - 02-Feb-2024

Eastern Europe already breathes dirtier air, and the delay would hit them the hardest


Traffic air pollution raises your blood pressure by more than 4.5 mmHg

University of Washington (UW) - 27-Nov-2023

UW study calls for new strategies to combat traffic pollution's health risks


UK air pollution regulations are saving lives, but not protecting ecosystems

University College London (UCL) - 25-Oct-2023

Existing regulations are not enough to protect sensitive habitats from ammonia

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Respiratory Disease Resources

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Health Effects Institute (HEI)

Nonprofit company specialized in research on the health effects of air pollution


Indoor air quality monitor

Real time Air Quality Index map

World's Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index


Air quality sensor that measures air quality and predicts pollution

Air Quality Egg

Air quality data device

Studio Roosegaarde

Social design lab of Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde.

Plume Labs

Lab that makes air quality information accessible and empowering

Safey Medical Devices

Digital health startup building an asthma care platform


Company that develops products for diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory diseases using novel 3D imaging technology

Verona Pharma

Developing innovative therapeutics to transform the standard of care for respiratory diseases

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Respiratory Disease Blog Posts

Air pollution - a significant killer

Air pollution - a significant killer

Long-term exposure to PM2.5 and other air pollution can knock 12 years off your life