Respiratory Disease

Influenza, pneumonia, air pollution One of the preventable big killers – though preventable in a difficult way that you may have to sacrifice your job, community and city life to avoid it.

I’ll keep track on these pages of big studies on mortality and also any studies on effectiveness of masks or other measures that could reduce the impact.

Consumer Grade Air Quality Monitors

Must be able to monitor PM2.5


Company EarthSense Systems - Environmental monitoring & modelling of air pollution data.

Information Real time Air Quality Index map

Journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine - Medical journal dedicated to respiratory health issues.

Product R-PUR Nano - Each one-size-fits-all mask comes with an integrated interchangeable filter inside for instant use.

Company R-PUR - Manufacturer of R-PUR masks for cyclists and runners

Company Virion Biotherapeutics

Company Verona Pharma

Company PneumaCare

Product Atmotube

Company Aerobit Health

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Air pollution - a significant killer

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11,000 avoided deaths in Europe owing to cleaner air during lockdown

Guardian - 30-Apr-2020

We need technology-driven, not pandemic-driven, solutions to air pollution


Senolytics may have the potential to treat asthma

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 07-Apr-2020

Will senolytics become the panacea to the whole Pandora's box by 100 years into future?


Association between lung function and epigenetic age

Fight Aging! - 31-Jan-2020

Association with acceleration is strongly expressed in women above the age of 50 years

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