Respiratory Disease

Influenza, pneumonia, air pollution One of the preventable big killers – though preventable in a difficult way that you may have to sacrifice your job, community and city life to avoid it.

I’ll keep track on these pages of big studies on mortality and also any studies on effectiveness of masks or other measures that could reduce the impact.


Real time Air Quality map - World Air Quality Index (AQI)

Consumer Grade Air Quality Monitors
Must be able to monitor PM2.5



Recent News

UK's first air-filtering bus launches in Southampton

Guardian - 27-Sep-2018

Bluestar bus has filtration system attached to the top of the vehicle.

Vaping could cause chronic diseases

Independent - 14-Aug-2018

E-cigarette users could be at risk of lung disease.

Air pollution directly linked to child's death

BBC - 03-Jul-2018

Nine-year-old girl suffered a fatal asthma attack.