Precision Medicine

Early diagnosis can improve your chances of survival massively, and is also a big opportunity to new technology to help as shown in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE entries.

Hopefully one day (and not some distant time in the future) you will be able to be quickly scanned for a wide variety of diseases and infections - hundreds of times more than could realistically be considered by a GP considering general symptoms such as fever, nausea and pain - of course they have to assume its the most common ailments first so could be months before all the other possible causes are tested for and discounted.


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Recent News

New urine test for predicting outcomes in patients with prostate cancer

BBC - 26-Jun-2019

36‐gene classifiers are known as Prostate Urine Risk (PUR) signatures.


New laser based method can scan tumour cells in circulating blood

Independent - 12-Jun-2019

Very clever technology – super-accurate blood test without taking a drop of blood


AI diagnosing several diseases from a single blood test

GeekWire - 11-Jun-2019

In a few years, we might have enough training data to actually achieve some diagnostic results

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