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Longevity Industry Investments

Track where the serious money is being invested in the longevity industry.


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Founders Fund

Generalist firm investing in companies across all sectors

Ending Age-Related Diseases 2022

11-Aug-2022 to 14-Aug-2022

Virtual Conference for Rejuvenation Biotechnology and Life Extension organized by Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation

Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024

10-May-2024 to 11-May-2024

The leading networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity investors and translational researchers by Forever Healthy Foundation

Hevolution Foundation

Non-profit organization that funds research, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ole Mensching

Co-Founder of Apollo Ventures

Longevity Megatrend by Phil Newman


Phil talks about shaping the longevity industry at this Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevity event (FREE)

Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity


The book written by Jim Mellon & Al Chalabi investigates the new technologies and explains how to benefit from the life extending technologies

Khosla Ventures

Venture Capital & Private Equity company

Deep Knowledge Group

Venture capital fund that invests in life sciences, cancer research, age-related diseases and regenerative medicine.

Longevity Industry 1.0


By Dmitry Kaminskiy, Margaretta Colangelo. Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History Paperback

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Longevity Industry Investments Blog Posts

Genflow Seeks Investors for Novel SIRT6 DNA Repair Anti-Ageing Therapy

Genflow Seeks Investors for Novel SIRT6 DNA Repair Anti-Ageing Therapy

Great to see a startup willing to explicitly state they are treating ageing itself as a disease

Why I've just voted for DMI in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

Why I've just voted for DMI in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

Adrian reviews a range of finalists trying to track cancer, blood oxygenation, retinal scans, and cardiac health

Anti-aging industry to drive real life extension technologies

Anti-aging industry to drive real life extension technologies

Skincare product R&D budgets exceed the National Institute on Aging's budget - let's get it focussed on real anti-aging science

Recent News

Actio Biosciences secures $55M to develop drugs using precision medicine

Business Wire - 12-Sep-2023

Lead program targets TRPV4, an ion channel that is involved in several diseases


ProMIS secures $20.4M to accelerate Alzheimer's antibody development

Longevity Technology - 11-Sep-2023

Lead antibody shows promising preclinical data & is set for clinical development


AI startup Inceptive to use $100M funding for novel medicines

Longevity Technology - 08-Sep-2023

Developing "biological software" for effective and affordable mRNA drug design


Rejuvenation Technologies raises $10.6M to develop anti-ageing therapies

Longevity Technology - 07-Sep-2023

A single dose of mRNA therapy could rewind ageing and extend lifespan


Yuvan's E5 therapy receives investment to move into canine trials

Longevity Technology - 31-Aug-2023

Pig plasma therapy could reverse aging in humans

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