Stem Cells

One of the most promising areas of research. If we can replace our stem cells then they can replace our aging cells.

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Company CellAge - working with the aim to develop synthetic promoters that would be able to specifically identify senescent cells

Health Organisation Advancells - Stem Cell Therapy Center.

Company Centagen, Inc. - Company developing multi-path therapeutics for age-related disorders via activating adult stem cells.

Company Celltex Therapeutics - Biotechnology company leading the field of regenerative medicine developing treatments for unconquered injuries and diseases.

Company Forever Labs - Adult stem cell storage and banking company.

Company Representative Hanadie Yousef - Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Company Juvena Therapeutics - Biopharma discovering novel protein-based therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration

Company Kimera Labs - Exosome production company.

Academic Helen Blau - Leading regenerative medicine biologist at Stanford with a focus on stem cells

Company Cynata Therapeutics - Stem cell and regenerative medicine company that is developing a therapeutic stem cell platform technology.

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Microneedle- delivered stem cells to boost wound healing

New Atlas - 09-Jun-2020

Findings open up new possibilities for personalized regenerative medicine


Human stem cells successfully produced hair in mice

Nature - 03-Jun-2020

Major step towards treating baldness, skin diseases, also wounds and scarring


Are Longeveron's Mesenchymal Stem Cells effective against frailty in ageing?

CISION PR Newswire - 01-Jun-2020

Japan's Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency gives the green light for human trials

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