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Laboratory Automation

It's surprising how much pharmaceutical research to date has been more art than science. Computing power is still a long way off predicting the properties of proteins and cells from their DNA, so until then the more research that can be accelerated by automation (e.g. lab robots, lab-on-chip) the better.

And this is being driven by the big pharma companies who can't afford the failure rate at late stage drug development, or worse after release which can result in multi-billion law suits. I attended an excellenty talk by the chief scientific office for GE Healthcare recently and they are mass producing stem cell lines, and the machinery to test them, so that drugs can be tested for cardio-toxicity much earlier on in the development process.


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Life Biosciences

Drug development company promoting longevity and finding treatments for age-related diseases

Granules India

Generic pharmaceutical company

Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries

Company developing, producing and marketing affordable, high quality generic drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals

OPKO Health

Company focused on development of novel and proprietary technologies for pharmaceuticals and diagnostics


Company creating living platforms that emulate the complexities of human biology


Global leader in metabolomics for precision medicine, biomarker discovery, and advancing microbiome research

Champion Oncology

Drug discovery and development company focused on cancer patients


Company focused on development of therapeutics that slow the degenerative processes associated with aging.


Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative drugs.


Pharmaceutical research and development.

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