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Life Extension

Information on extending life expectancy to allow technologies to catch up and stop and reverse aging for good. Focussing on new technologies and treatments aimed at radical life extension, rather than the improvements in treatments of diseases covered in the health section.

Particularly interested in increased health span rather than lifespan.

Keep an eye on fountains of youth - contenders for radical reduction or reversal of aging.

Read more about: Ageing Research, Anti-Aging, Biological Age, Calorie Restriction, Cryonics, Ethics, Fountains of Youth, Gene Therapy, Immortal Animals, Life Expectancy, Longevity Industry Investments, Mitochondria, Regenerative Medicine, Rejuvenation, Senescent Cells, Stem Cells, Telomeres, Young Blood.


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Current Directions in Adulthood and Aging


Book about adulthood and aging edited by Susan T. Charles

Gender and Ageing: Changing Roles and Relationships


Book about genders and ageing edited by Sara Arber

Successful Aging: A Special Issue of research in Human Development


Book about aging edited by Susan Krauss Whitbourne

Ageing in Asia: Asia’s Position in the New Global Demography


Book about aging in Asia edited by Roger Goodman

Aging and Diversity: An Active Learning Experience


Book about aging and its diversity groups written by Chandra M. Mehrotra

The Secret to Living to 100+? The Blue Zone [Infographic]

Secrets to Living Longer: What We Can Learn from Blue Zones

AgeX Therapeutics

Biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics for age-related degenerative disease


Track wrinkles & Evaluate treatments

The Hallmarks of Aging

Research on hallmarks of aging with special emphasis on mammalian aging

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Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Survival curve shows increase in average lifespan, and now Sima has become the longest-lived Sprague Dawley rat

Antioxidants in ageing and health

Antioxidants in ageing and health

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have a positive role in some processes, complicating research, but unlikely that antioxidants slow ageing

Can love defeat death?

Can love defeat death?

Health and life expectancy are affected by love, sex and marriage

Mitochondria, Autophagy and Neurodegenerative diseases: A perspective

Mitochondria, Autophagy and Neurodegenerative diseases: A perspective

Review paper from University of Helsinki looks at the role of mitophagy in ageing

Cryonics Callout Training with Cryonics UK

Cryonics Callout Training with Cryonics UK

What’s involved in the 4 stages of a cryonics callout? Standby, cool down, perfusion and transportation.

Recent News

Biophysical Therapeutics starts crowdfunding for its drug that slows ageing by reducing metabolic heat generation

Longevity Technology - 21-Mar-2023

Looking to invest in the longevity industry? Stakes from $100 available on Wefunder platform


Endurance Exercise Training May Help Prevent Accumulation of Senescent Cells in Colon Mucosa

Live Forever Club - 20-Mar-2023

Age-related increase in inflammatory markers p16 and IL-6 was not observed in endurance athletes


AKL Therapeutics’ investigational senotherapeutics drug APPA beneficial for oral osteoarthritis

Longevity Technology - 20-Mar-2023

Senescent cells have become one of the most promising targets for healthy aging research


UK life expectancy dropping relative to other countries

Sky News - 16-Mar-2023

Driven by income inequality and resulting larger fall in poorer groups


Hypothalamic protein called menin found to regulate ageing and cognitive deficits

Interesting Engineering - 16-Mar-2023

Supplementing with the amino acid D-serine may reverse some anti-ageing effects

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