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Life Extension

Information on extending life expectancy to allow technologies to catch up and stop and reverse aging for good. Focussing on new technologies and treatments aimed at radical life extension, rather than the improvements in treatments of diseases covered in the health section.

Particularly interested in increased health span rather than lifespan.

Keep an eye on fountains of youth - contenders for radical reduction or reversal of aging.

Read more about: Ageing Research, Anti-Aging, Biological Age, Calorie Restriction, Cryonics, Ethics, Fountains of Youth, Gene Therapy, Immortal Animals, Life Expectancy, Longevity Industry Investments, Mitochondria, Regenerative Medicine, Rejuvenation, Senescent Cells, Stem Cells, Telomeres, Young Blood.


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During November 12-13, 2022, Madrid will host its next TransVision Summit with a focus on human cryopreservation


Annual conference by the International Longevity Centre


California based start-up company

Company Representative

Founder of Centaura


Developing rejuvenation gene therapies based on partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors


Professor of Molecular Biogerontology at University of Birmingham Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, consultant, futurist, speaker


Company with mission to prevent and reverse aging.


Company developing simple and direct interventions targeting toxic forms of cholesterol for age-related diseases.


Maharaj Institute provides immune regenerative medicine for stem cell treatment and prevention


Secrets of the Healthiest, Sharpest Centenarians - by Nir Barzilai

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Arise Sir-Tuin: Why sirtuins are the knights battling ageing

Arise Sir-Tuin: Why sirtuins are the knights battling ageing

The what, where and how sirtuins work at the cellular level to impact ageing

GlycanAge Biological Age Test Review

GlycanAge Biological Age Test Review

What can your glycome tell you about your true age?

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Does the survival curve reflect the epigenetic age reduction seen in previous experiment?

TruDiagnostic TruAge Biological Age Test Review

TruDiagnostic TruAge Biological Age Test Review

Adrian tries out this home epigenetic test and is impressed with the level of detail in the reports

What Happened to Plain-Old Biology?!

What Happened to Plain-Old Biology?!

Branches of biology diagram showing all things bio

Recent News

AgeX credit running out with substantial doubt it can continue

FierceBiotech - 15-Aug-2022

Let's hope their research is either successful for the company or its successors


Mitophagy activators shown to increase lifespan and healthspan in C.elegans

Longevity Technology - 10-Aug-2022

Vitalunga to usher the novel drug for hepatocellular carcinoma clinical trials


Review identifies thousands of genes that drives skin ageing (LEAF) - 10-Aug-2022

Addresses challenges like phenotype list compilation and associated genes


VascVersa raises 500k pounds in seed round for developing a cell therapy product

Belfast Telegraph - 09-Aug-2022

VascVersa is committed to regenerative medicine for people suffering from ischaemic diseases


Can infusion of young blood be beneficial for clinical anti-aging approaches?

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. - 04-Aug-2022

Infusions of young blood plasma into mice, does not increase their lifespan

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