Life Extension

Information on extending life expectancy to allow technologies to catch up and stop and reverse aging for good. Focussing on new technologies and treatments aimed at radical life extension, rather than the improvements in treatments of diseases covered in the health section.

Particularly interested in increased health span rather than lifespan.

Keep an eye on fountains of youth - contenders for radical reduction or reversal of aging.


Alkahest -
Developing therapies derived from blood and its components with a focus to improve vitality and function into old age.

Recent News

Stem cell reactivation can improve tissue regeneration

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 16-Jul-2019

Just one pathway out of many that could improve tissue rejuvenation


France to stop funding homeopathic care from 2021

Guardian - 10-Jul-2019

If only they’d spent the £114m last year on ageing research instead


NHS gives the green-light to a “gene-silencing” drug for the first time

BBC - 09-Jul-2019

It took thirteen years for RNA interference technology to come to this stage

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