Life Extension

Information on extending life expectancy to allow technologies to catch up and stop and reverse aging for good. Focussing on new technologies and treatments aimed at radical life extension, rather than the improvements in treatments of diseases covered in the health section.

Particularly interested in increased health span rather than lifespan.

Keep an eye on fountains of youth - contenders for radical reduction or reversal of aging.


Alkahest -
Developing therapies derived from blood and its components with a focus to improve vitality and function into old age.

Recent News

Placental stem cells can regenerate damaged heart cells

New Atlas - 22-May-2019

Creating beating cells and blood vessels that could treat heart attack victims


Direct oxidative stress on telomeres leads to faster cellular ageing

News Medical - 14-May-2019

Prevents uncontrolled cell division in cancer cells


Crispr injection could reduce chance of heart attack

Guardian - 10-May-2019

Verve Therapeutics treatment targets PCSK9 gene

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