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Life Extension

Information on extending life expectancy to allow technologies to catch up and stop and reverse aging for good. Focussing on new technologies and treatments aimed at radical life extension, rather than the improvements in treatments of diseases covered in the health section.

Particularly interested in increased health span rather than lifespan.

Keep an eye on fountains of youth - contenders for radical reduction or reversal of aging.

Read more about: Ageing Research, Anti-Aging, Biological Age, Calorie Restriction, Cryonics, Ethics, Fountains of Youth, Gene Therapy, Immortal Animals, Life Expectancy, Longevity Industry Investments, Mitochondria, Regenerative Medicine, Rejuvenation, Senescent Cells, Stem Cells, Telomeres, Young Blood.


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Karen Hooper, Martin Carkett, and Jess Northend speaking about longer healthspans on London Futurists online event (FREE)


Non-profit foundation that provides cryonics services


Documentary subscription television channel featuring premium factual programming


Biotechnology company focused on treating neurodegenerative and other age-related diseases


Comprehensive neuro-regeneration and neuro-reanimation is a possibility


Oxford University student group considers a world in which people regularly live past 100


Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss discuss the body's rejuvenation processes, at this London Futurists online event


Data to understand the big global problems and research that helps to make progress against them


Drug development company focused on the senolytic technology to fight age-related diseases


Professor at University of Maryland - working on rejuvenation blood factors

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Recent News

Longevica plans to launch open source platform in 2022, accelerating longevity research

Longevity Technology - 25-Nov-2021

Raised $2.5 million to discover and sell life extension products directly to consumers


New study reversed paralysis and repaired spinal cord injuries in mice

Science Focus - 12-Nov-2021

For decades, a major challenge for scientists is central nervous system.


AMBAR study improved the quality of life in Alzheimer's disease (LEAF) - 12-Nov-2021

A hot topic in longevity research is plasma exchange for Alzheimer’s disease


Covid-19 impact lead to reduction in life expectancy and mental wellbeing

Independent - 11-Nov-2021

Cases of anxiety and depression are now doubled when compared to pre-pandemic


Rockfish that lives more than 200 years unveiled genes for longevity

Scientific American - 11-Nov-2021

Insights on longer-living species could offer the targets for extending lifespan in humans

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