Hopefully technology will one day be able to eliminate potential killers before they start to spread - but until then its necessary to be vigilant to the pandemics that don't differentiate between those with a plan to live forever and those without.

2020 UPDATE: Coronavirus is now officially a pandemic. The club is tracking UK deaths along with a history of government advice and key points in its history - view the Coronavirus UK Deaths Tracker.

What's the chance of a deadly disease annihilating the world's population? Some of the key factors are:

  1. ease of transmission - by contact or air
  2. is it infectious before symptoms so that public health measures can be used?
  3. how deadly is it? lots of novel flus are no worse than seasonal ones
  4. can it be prevented or treated?

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Resource BBC Pandemic - App for better understand of pandemics.

Resource Homeland Security Digital Library Pandemics and Epidemics - Including response plans for avian influenza, Ebola and Zika virus

Resource World Health Organization (WHO)

Resource Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB)

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