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Young Blood

Youthful blood has all the hallmarks of a vampire-esque solution to aging - but there may be some science behind it too.

Tony Wyss-Coray at Stanford University who infused older mice with the blood of younger animals and found that their brains became more plastic and malleable which enabled them to learn and remember information like their younger donors.


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Aging and Blood - Irina Conboy presentation for SENS Research Foundation

Part of a series organized by SENS Research Foundation's Education Department

Irina Conboy

Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.

Yuvan Research

US arm of Harold Katcher's young plasma research

Sima, the 47 months-old Sprague Dawley rat — interview with Dr. Harold Katcher

Talks about Sima - the longest lived Sprague Dawley rat ever - and his E5 plasma-based therapeutic

Harold Katcher

Professor at University of Maryland - working on rejuvenation blood factors


Young blood medicine maker for body rejuvenation.


Offers young blood plasma transfers after running a trial in 2016-18


Working to invent novel therapies that will allow us live longer, healthier lives.

The Illusion of Knowledge


By Harold Katcher - the paradigm shift in aging research that shows the way to human rejuvenation

A Paradigm Shift in Aging Research?


Harold Katcher updates London Futurists on his research and talks about his theories of ageing

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Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Survival curve shows increase in average lifespan, and now Sima has become the longest-lived Sprague Dawley rat

Age Reversal in Mammals – Has This Now Been Achieved?

Age Reversal in Mammals – Has This Now Been Achieved?

Biological age and biomarkers improved to that of rats half their age

Ambrosia Plasma relaunches - announces improvement in key ageing biomarkers

Ambrosia Plasma relaunches - announces improvement in key ageing biomarkers

The Club interviews Jesse Karmazin, CEO, to find out more about the trial, the FDA warning, and the relaunch

Stanford University optimistic about human rejuvenation

Stanford University optimistic about human rejuvenation

Summary of “Turning back time with emerging rejuvenation Strategies” published in Nature Cell Biology

Heart muscle aging reversed (in mice)

Heart muscle aging reversed (in mice)

Using the blood of younger mice to reverse the signs of aging in older mice

Recent News

Old rats live longer and healthier lives with young plasma injections

Live Forever Club - 21-Apr-2023

2 month life extension is equivalent of giving a 60 year-old human an extra 6 years of healthy life


Rejuvenating blood stem cells can help older adults live younger and healthier

Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) - 01-Feb-2023

Arthritis drug named anakinra found to reverse ageing effects in blood in mice


Extracellular vesicles from young stem cells have a rejuvenating effect in vitro and in vivo in mice (LEAF) - 08-Nov-2022

This approach did not kill the senescent cells instead, it was senomorphic


Umbilical cord blood derived plasma improves health biomarkers (LEAF) - 06-Sep-2022

Plasma concentrate alters methylation clock reducing biological age


Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) rejuvenates multiple markers of gene expression (LEAF) - 25-Aug-2022

TPE causes systematic rejuvenation in human body by influencing multiple factors

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