Young Blood

Youthful blood has all the hallmarks of a vampire-esque solution to aging - but there may be some science behind it too.

Tony Wyss-Coray at Stanford University who infused older mice with the blood of younger animals and found that their brains became more plastic and malleable which enabled them to learn and remember information like their younger donors.

Recent News

Ambrosia officially launches its young blood (plasma) therapy

Ambrosia - 28-Dec-2018

The jury is still out whether benefit is from good factors in the young blood, or diluting bad factors in the patient's old blood


Pay-to-participate young-blood transfusion clinical trial

STAT - 02-Mar-2018

Bill Faloon inviting people to join a pay-to-participate clinical trial.


Could Filtering Our Aged Blood Keep us Young?

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 18-Jan-2018

Interview with Dr. Irina Conboy of Berkeley University.

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